Extrovert [1/?]


Title : Extrovert

Part Title : Things Went Seriously Twisted

Genre : Friendship, fluff, romance-comedy

Cast : You and EXO

Language : English


You always hate Phys Ed. Not because you’re too lazy or you have an incredibly heavy ass. You just can’t stand changing your clothes in a room packed with other kids. Not that you have a terrible body or your sweat smells like hippopotamus’s armpit.

You just don’t like the atmosphere of your school’s changing room. Let alone the poor air curculation system.

So almost every week you come up with a good lie to skip Phys Ed. Since you’re an excellent actor and a good student with zero bad records, you have no trouble on reassuring your P.E teacher, Coach Park.

“But coach! I really do have a weak heart.”

Yeah, you’re not the only one determined to skip Phys Ed. But this guy over here is a badass, he don’t skip class that easily.

“I’m sorry Baekhyun, but I need a note from your doctor to confirm this. Weak heart disorder is something pretty serious for a kid you’re age.” Coach Park answered as he scratch the back of his ears.

“My God!” Baekhyun reach his chest as he bends forward, cringes like he is struggling against some kind of clawing pain in his chest. “I think.. my heart might.. jump out from it’s place.” He keeps on gasping for more air, talking in between his heavy breaths.

Well, his not a bad actor after all.

“Jesus Christ! Are you okay?” Coack Park bend down and help Baekhyun stand up straight.

“I don’t know, my vein is pulsing like crazy.” Baekhyun explained, and you instantly know that he does suck at Biology. How in the world does a weak heart have to do with pulsing vein?

“This is bad. You need to rest.”

And sure, Coach Park is no better.

“I’ll take him there, I need to get some hot-packs after all Coach.” You offer some help as you take Baekhyun’s arm around your shoulder.

“Thank you. Make sure he get some good rest okay?” You nodded as an answer and start dragging Baekhyun.

“You owe me one eyeliner-boy.” You hissed under your breath, just enough for Baekhyun to hear you.

“Bubble tea. After school.” Baekhyun ansered and you just chuckle in response.

“I take that as a yes.” Baekhyun concluded.

Baekhyun do sleep well, wich is fine by you because meanwhile you could read your novel peacefully.

Just when you’re about to reach the climax part, the blurred glass door suddenly is opened by a not-too-tall guy with big eyes and almost heart-shaped lips. Do Kyungsoo.

And your peaceful quality time smashes the cold tiled floor and shattered to pieces.

“Your friend over here was faking at the gym class. No need to worry about, he is now problaly dreaming about grilled pork belly.” You mumbled pretty loudly without lifting your gaze from your book.

“Why do you think that I’m here for him?” Kyungsoo asks calmly as he walks towards Beakhyun’s bed.

“Because you’re walking towards him right now.” You answered back with your signature poker face, still fixing your eyes on your book but not really reading it.

“Is it a sin if I walk towards Byun Baekhyun?” Kyungsoo is putting no abvious effort to this conversation. He will just repeatedly asking some stupid questions back.

“Well you’re definitely not here to have some Q and A session with me, so hurry up finish your business with Byun Baekhyun and get lost.” You ansered with a finality in your voice, officially closing the conversation.

With the tail of your eyes you secretly observe every move Kyungsoo makes.

Kyungsoo’s right hand digs into Bekhyun’s pocket and pull out an orange pen.

“I’m sorry Baek, I need my pen back now, Jongin stole the blue one and Chen insisted to keep the black one until the end of this semester. The green one is missing after Luhan use it to write a love letter for his so-called girlfriend and Tao said he left the pink one at home. I’ll take this now and one last thing, if you have a weak heart your vein isn’t supposed to be pulsing. the disease is called weak heart for a reason Baek.” With that almost boring literature he left in silence.

“That guy is something.” You muttered more to yourself, shut your book and jump off the bed.

You leave Baekhyun alone without giving him a second thought. (Hey, he’s not even sick.)

You walk straight to the school cafeteria and grab your lunch without a second glance, and sit down with a group of girls.

You are the type of girl who play with everybody, but don’t do stuff like bffs, etc. You have a lot of friends to rely on, but you’re more of an independent kind of person.

“Are you all better now?” Your friend who has curly brunette hair that reaches her shoulders and pink chubby cheeks asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Stop it. Sarcasm doesn’t suit you.” You throw your comment right in front of her face, frontally.

“Point taken.” The brunette shrugged.

“Hey how’s Baekhyun? Is he okay?” The girl who sits across you who has long straight black hair tied up in a messy bun asked full of concern.

“Got fooled by his poor acting skills?” you put on a surprises face, fake of course.

The girl with the messy bun mumbled some pointless argument. But you don’t really want to know so you just keep on infading your lunch.

“Hey, have you done your lunch?” Someone from behind you tap your shoulder lightly.

You turn your head and found Tao, the Chinese panda-looking guy with weird Korean accent smiling goofily at you.

You roll your eyes and thrust your chin at the direction of your half eaten lunch. “Use your panda eyes to look at it yourself, will you?”

“I’ll wait for you at the library, I really need to clear some things up with you.” He smiled again like a little girl and then turn away half-walking half-running to the library.

“Is there something between the two of you?” The brunette asks curiously, you can tell that her gossip alarm is blaring like crazy.

“Aside from I hit him with my father’s baseball bat right in the head when we were at 3rd grade? No.” you answered casually.

“Well that explains a lot of questions actually.” some of your friend murmured.

“Including why is he so dumb.” The girl with the messy bun added.

After you stuff up all your lunch into your stomach until you feel like vomiting, you walk slowly to the library, hundred of question running around inside your brain. You keep on assuming random things until you reach the library.

You found Tao sitting on a chair near a huge window with his feet crossed on the table, you suddenly thought that Tao look like he had just jump out of a magazine. It’s definitely the lighting, normally he doesn’t look this good.

“Ah you’re here.” He straighten his back and put his feet down. You take a seat in front of him, felt a little reluctant at first but then you remember that it’s only Tao. He can’t possibly talk about anything more important than Coach Park’s new socks.

“Make it fast. And make sure it worth my time” you give him an early warning, because Tao surely loves to do shitty talks for intro.

He leaned forward and his face turned serious in all of the sudden. He sighed, “I need you.”

You can’t believe your ears, did he really? Your brain must be doing some tricks right now. You shook your head hard.

“I really need you.”

He repeated. It’s all confirmed.

And something in his full of hope eyes makes you feel somewhat…. uneasy.



Soooooooo? Is it worth your time?

It has been like……. ages! I am more than exited to share my works again, i hope you guys will love it just as much. If there’s any request or critics or (hopefully) some compliments (heehee) just let me know, I will be more than happy to hear a word or two from all of you.

Oh yeah, I personally think EXO’s Pathcode Teaser is breathtakingly and heartbreakingly awesome. And don’t even make me start on the teaser of EXO Next Door *shrieks*.




12 thoughts on “Extrovert [1/?]

  1. Well, i’m not good at English. But, seriously I’m very curious. Can you update as soon as possible?
    Next I will write comment in bahasa, or can you make this story in bahasa? It’s just my opinion. If you can’t, it’s ok 😊

    • I’m thinking about it too! But I think I’ll finish it in English first then translate it all at once 🙂 But hey, I’m not an expert on English either! so i won’t use difficult vocabularies 😀 Thank youu for the opinion, I will update in a flash!!

  2. Welcome to the club naaay

    I haven’t read comedy in a long time and i’m sure i still have a good taste of humor and this fic totally made my morning.

    Tao better not make any moves for the OC i’m already in teamsoo!

    • Hahaha thankyouuu kakk 😀 I finally found my groove! Heehee.. EXO FANFIC IS IN THE HOUSE!
      Yes, i better keep an eye on Tao…

  3. kyungsoo-_- really make the long detail explanation about his pen in front of baekhyun well, Yeah it’s always make me over laughing again and again, however i like this fanfiction.
    well actually i’m not to well in english, but i really curious with the next chapter

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