Extrovert [2/?]

EXTROVERT posterexop1

Part Title : Senses Not On Sale


“I really need you.”

You shook your head in disbelief. You want to stand up and shout “COME BACK TO YOUR FREAKING SENSES HUANG ZITAO!”

But no. Every muscle in your body suddenly decided to disobey what your brain told them to do. So you just sit there, frozen. (You can almost feel Elsa’s appearance, singing Let It Go). But then you realise, this is Huang Zitao, how could he come back to his senses when he don’t even have one to start with.

Slowly you gained back the authority of your body.

“I.. I’m sorry Tao… I… I can’t.” you slowly lift your gaze up.

“Hey! Seriously? I’m not that bad!” He protested, childlike.

“I know Tao! I know! In fact it’s not about you. It’s about me. I just… I just can’t like you that way. I mean we can still be frien–”

“I was talking about Math.” He cut you off flatly with a hint of confusion painted on his facial features.

“Jeez.” You sighed, your feeling is something between surprise, relief and embarrassed. Whatever that called.

You wanted to say something to defend your shattered pride. But hey, we’re facing Tao right now, he know absolutely nothing about pride.

“You see, Mrs. Ahn told me yesterday that my grades are skiing down a slope side, not good at ll. I got D- on the last exam and a lame C+ on yesterday’s pop quiz. I really need a tutor.” Tao blabbered in a desperately fast pace.

“Hey, why’s your face turned crimson coloured?” He suddenly asked.

Okay you have to defend, for safety. Just in case he secretly know something about pride.

“Don’t get it wrong! It has nothing to do with what have just happened.” You quickly clarified, call that lying but you definitely calling it clarifying.

“Seriously? You think I’m that stupid? I know it has nothing to do with what have just happened! There’s no point on blushing after I ask you to tutor me. Do you really think I’m that stupid? But anyway, I’ll wait for you at the library after school.” And with that he storms towards the door.

“First, I haven’t agreed to tutor him. Second, how old is he actually?” You shook your head, stunned. God why, why You invent that creature called Huang Zitao.

And then something come up to you mind. “Crap! I’m late.” You rushed through sets of hallway, not paying any attention to your surroundings. You blame Huang Zi(freaking)tao for everything that went wrong in your life. “Who the hell invented this school with all of these never-ending hallways!” You cursed under your breath, not slowing down your pace.

“Where’s the fire?” A cheery voice followed by some laughter make you stop.

You turn your body, facing a group of guys. “On your ugly ass, Park Chanyeol.” You spatted.

“Whoa, calm down Mother Teresa.” The tallest guy with the funny looking ears laughed.

“I’m not Mother Teresa! But you could make a good Yoda yourself.” you blurted out.

“That’s pretty deep.” Sehun who is standing beside Chanyeol trying hard to bit back his laughter.

Luhan at the other side doesn’t even try to prevent his laugh. He hugged his stomach as if his intestines are trying to waltz their way out from his belly. “Wow that’s a good one.” His words muffled in between his uncontrollable laugh.

Chanyeol is as still as a rock, dumbfounded, his eyes bulging out from their sockets and his jaws hit the ground at that very second.

“Did you eat something wrong this morning? That didn’t sound anything like you.” Sehun stepped forward and placed his cold palm on your forehead.

You were attempted to answer something like, “Okay since when did you have any concern on me?” but than you just decided to give up on the sarcasms. “I’m fine. Just a little pissed.” You shooed Sehun’s hand not so politely.

“You? Pissed?” Chanyeol has come back to earth.

“Oh good, I thought you forget how to talk or something.” You put on a mocking relieved expression.

“Hey, joke time is over.” Chanyeol grumbled.

“Hey hey, keep fighting like that and you’ll end up marrying each other right after high-school.” Luhan smiled jokingly after a series of brutal laughter.

“NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!” You and Chanyeol yelled in chorus without realising.

“I’ll be the groomsmen.” Luhan commented casually as if he was saying that he will eat some rice for dinner later.

You slapped Luhan’s upper arm a little too hard to be categorised as playful. He cringes but then grinned innocently.

“Thanks to you guys, today is the first time I skipped a class in my whole life.” You decided to just ditch the whole class, even if you show up, the teacher will just kick you out.

“Your life has just started!”

“Do you live under a rock or something?!”

“You really need to marry Chanyeol.”

The Three Musketeers shouted enthusiastically, and yes the last one is Luhan. Those brats are just too much.

“Hey, come with us. We’ll teach you how to have fun. I meant actual fun, in case you thought that reading is entertaining.” Luhan offered with a bright smile as he jumps up and down like a retarded baby kangaroo.

“When you read, you can imagine yourself being anyone you like. Book is a perfect gateway, you can forget about your own problems and just be someone else, reading is a way to enterta–”

Suddenly you felt a hand covering your mouth firmly, you just know it that it’s Luhan because the fingers is slender and almost beautiful.

“Yadda yadda yadda.. Hey, you need to live your life. YOLO!” Chanyeol shouted as he manoeuvred in some odd ways, kicking and punching the air while his body is twisted to some awfully  weird positions.

“And there goes his reputation.” Sehun mumbled as watches his dear friend acting like someone with mental problems.

You broke out from Luhan’s not so tight grip and announced. “Okay! I’ll live my life! But Chanyeol, please don’t ever say YOLO again. That word weren’t made for you, face it, speak nice Korean and don’t even try to bluff around. Won’t do you any good. Trust me.” You are now standing on your tiptoes, reaching Chanyeol’s head and pat it lightly 3 times as if he is your dog.

“But I think you guys were definitely made for each other.” Luhan commented giving Sehun a high-five.

“And Luhan, try to shut your hole won’t you?” You giving him your best threatening look.

Luhan pouted as an answer.

“Hey, we’re going to try our first soju later this evening. In any chances, would you like to tag along?” Sehun invited as if he was inviting me to his birthday.

“She need to have a life, that’s right. But you’re going too far, Sehun.” Chanyeol elbowed Sehun.

“You don’t make the decisions for me.” you said it all coolly.

“Whoa, Chanyeol she could be a tough future girlfriend.” Luhan added with a serious look, Chanyeol just simply snorted to that statement.

“So? You’re coming?” Sehun lift one of his eyebrows.

“Why not?” you laughed heartily.

“Can I join in too?” a voice suddenly audible to your ears. You know exactly who’s the owner of this voice, and the word disaster just sounds perfect for this very moment.

The next thing you know, you were running for your life.

Because you need to survive.



So far you have already faced the dramatic Baekhyun, the steadily boring Kyungsoo, the dumb panda Tao and the cheerful bastards Chanyeol, Luhan and Sehun in a day!

In one day!

So, how was your day? :3



8 thoughts on “Extrovert [2/?]

  1. Sigh. Look at Tao. Sigh. and kick his butt.
    I ‘ve read this from few days ago, but now I forget what I want to say
    Actually, who the male lead in this story? I hope Chanyeol ;D
    He looks manly with his gray hair in Call Me Baby music video 😀

  2. 🙂 I know. I know. Tao needs to man up a bit. Or maybe, a lot.
    Chanyeol it is! At first I wasn’t sure who’s going to be the male lead, but after I saw Call Me Baby, I was like “BINGO!” and BOOM there we have it, the ‘Romeo’ in this story.

    Sarkastiknya aku banget. Ya ampun.
    (((iya aku kadang setajem itu lidahnya)))
    Huhu, sukaaaaaaak cara kamu cerita.
    Lanjut lagi yak. Ditunggu ❤

    Sarkastiknya aku banget. Ya ampun.
    (((iya aku kadang setajem itu lidahnya)))
    Huhu, sukaaaaaaak cara kamu cerita.
    Lanjut lagi yak. Ditunggu ❤

    • Hahaaha makasiiiih yaa… iyaa OC nya mau aku buat sassy sm sarkastik gituu hehe..
      Tunggu update selanjutnya yaaa 🙂

  5. huwaaaaa Chanyeooollieeee >,< please thor, please let chanyeol be maincast in this story. gaktau bacanya tiba-tiba jadi dugeundugeuun akkkkk. johaaaa

  6. heh tao, kau benar” yaa-_-..ternyata he just need the tutor/?..sigh..
    and hey i likes Chanyeol in this story, he’s so cheerful and always do the stupid things, ckckck, i likes character luhan and sehun too in this part

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