Extrovert [3/?]

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Part Title : After School It Is


You walk out from Mr. Hwang’s office after you swore that you would never ever ditch any class in the future. It does suck. You’re pissed. You wanted to be a rebel, but your courage disappears to the thin air the moment you faced Mr. Hwang in his cold office.

Now, you only need to attend one last class before you could go home, and thank God it’s Korean. Because you’re a goddes in this class, even Do Kyungsoo have to kneel down and admit that he can’t beat your score in this class.

“Have you finished your papers?” Your chairmate, Kim Jongdae or mostly known as Chen, the class’ singing dinosaur asked.

“Like you have to ask,” you rolled your eyes.

“Good, let me copy that for you,” he put on his signature smile.

“That sounds so wrong,” you muttered but giving up your work anyway. “Change the small details,” you suggested.

You and Chen have been friends since…. forever. Even your mom used to tell stories about you and Chen participating in a crying competition the second we came to earth. And yes, even back then, Chen always hit the higher notes.

Sitting next to Chen is like sitting next to a walking, talking, responding, breathing radio. Which is ten times more annoying. And when he sings, only a meteor crash can stop him.

Mr. Hwang entered the class and everyone fell dead silent.

Except for Chen. Of course. Cause the meteor haven’t crashed the earth.

He keeps on singing with his whole heart, hitting every freaking note perfectly. Mr. Hwang coughed on purpose, but Chen doesn’t give a shit.

You took action, you kick he’s shin bone pretty hard that it may cause a slight bruise for two straight days. The meteor has  landed on his shin bone.

“Auch! Hey, what was that for?!” He jerked his head towards you, you can actually feel his spit showering your cheeks. You casually wipe your cheek with your sleeve and murmured, “For being a stupid ass at moment like this.”

“Moment like what?”

“Like this.” Mr. Hwang tagged along, sounded very casual yet dangerous. Chen cursed under his breath, sharp and fast. “I’m really sorry Mr. Hwang,” he bowed in his seat.

“This is your punishment, you have to attend this try out. After school, go there.” Mr. Hwang handed Chen a small white card.

“What is it?” You strolled your head, peeking a glance at the card and gasp in surprise. “You gotta be kidding me.” you whispered in disbelief.

“This is no joke! This agency is no joke! You have to accompany me after school! At last, someone sees my hidden talent.” Chen chanted in enthusiasm.

“It’s not hidden.”

“Shut up.”

“That was a compliment.”

“Just shut up. You’re ruining the moment.” Chen hissed.

You’re not genuinely happy for him as a good friend. But you’re happy because if he gets famous and all, you’ll get a little part of the popularity too. So you figure out that being friend with an idol would be nice, and then you feel happy for him, but mostly happy for yourself. Call it selfish, but you’re calling it perky.

When the class is finally over you sighed in relief. This torturing day is about to end.


Or maybe no.

“For your information, the script for the school play must be done due tomorrow. Mrs. Cho don’t want to hear any excuses.”

You looked up and squint your eyes, “Since when Snow White have a surgery and turned into a guy?” you thought at first, but then you realised that it’s just Suho talking to you, not a trans-genderred Snow White.

And you came back to your senses.

“No way. You do the finishing touches then, I can’t wrap it up in one night. Besides, I’m the one writing the whole story, it’s your turn to work now. It’s easy, just check if there’s any typo.” you answered as you toss your stuff into your bag.

You can’t honestly say that you like Suho. He’s way beyond perfect, frankly. He’s smart for sure, handsome but mostly charismatic and his attitude is royal, but above all of that, he’s rich. That’s what really matters these days.

Every parents may have wished that they have Suho as their kid instead. And don’t forget the teachers, all the teachers in this school is a SuhoLovers VIP club member. He’s presence just annoy you a whole lot more than Chen’s singing. Or even more irritating than Tao’s error brain.

“Okay, I’ll do it then.” he smiled sincerely.

See, he’s too perfect you might want to throw up on his face to destroy his flawless aura.

After your bag is fully stuffed, you walk towards the school gate with your friend, the one with the messy bun.

“Can you drop me off at my house? I’m not in the mood to walk all the way home.” You pleaded without any hint of cuteness whatsoever.

“I don’t have any excuse to say no.” she laughed heartily.

But just then you realise almost a dozen of guys walking towards you in unison, their faces are dead serious  as the sun shines in a very perfect way so their silhouettes look like some heroic scene in a big-screen films.

“Or maybe I’ll just leave you alone here to finish whatever business you have with them.” you friend patted your arms lightly and run away. Almost like gone with the wind.

“Walk faster you llamas, don’t be so dramatic, cut off the act!” you shouted without patience.

And they all run.

Baekhyun : “Let’s go pick up some bubble tea.”

Tao : “You promised to tutor me.”

Chanyeol : “You said you want to tag along with us.”

Chen : “You’re going to accompany me for the audition, right?”

Suho : “On second thought, I think I need your help finishing the script.”

Luhan : “This kinda remind me of a scene from ‘Take Me Out’, hey go on, pick Chanyeol!”

You rolled your eyes (addressed to Mr. Xiao Lu) and put a hand on your waist.

“I’ll take the one with the free drinks.” You made up your mind and dragged Baekhyun by his sleeve.

“Hey! Soju is a drink too you dumbass!” Chanyeol shrieked frantically.

“Chanyeol, maybe next time. She just need some time to see the real you.” Luhan is trying to comfort Chanyeol with a reassuring look.

And now, Luhan is officially the worst matchmaker in the history of matchmaking.



Okay, let’s call it a day. And yes, yes, it takes THREE straight chapters for just ONE single day. I’ll try my best to be more straightforward next time!

I’m thinking about a concept. Let’s just say that this fanfiction is a variety show and there will be guests (cameo) here and there! What do you think about it?

I’ll do my best to pull it off, hopefully you guys will love it!

Last question :

Who’s going to be our first guest?

Hint :

He’s weird, in and out.


8 thoughts on “Extrovert [3/?]

  1. I love this fict, fo shoooo!! ❤ ❤
    Just made my day XD XD
    Uh-uh, lemme guess…
    Weird? In and out?
    Maybeeeeeee……… Kris?
    I dunno, but he was so freaking weird in EXO Showtime :p

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