Extrovert [4/?]



Special Appearance : Eunkwang from BTOB

Special Appearance : Eunkwang from BTOB

Part Title : The Breaking Point


Your chew your mint flavoured gum, well now the gum have no taste left considering you have already munching it for about half an hour now.

“The sun’s burning my skin.” you heard someone whines from behind you. And there’s only one thing in this world that you hate more than whiner, Tao.

And in today’s case, the whiner happens to be Huang Zitao himself. What a coincidence.

“Like the sun have any interest in burning you.” you muttered sharp as you spit your gum to the nearest trash can.

“No no no, basically sun can’t have any feelings whatsoever. Let alone interest towards other creature. Sun don’t have heart, so it’s impossible for the sun to have special interest towards anything.”

And as always, Tao didn’t get your sarcasms.

“Wow that was almost science Tao.” you compliment him in  the most mocking way possible. But again, Tao didn’t get it. He smiles proudly to himself as if he’s a genius or something.

The corner of your eyes caught something that looks a bit like a walking flagpole.

“Park Chanyeol!” You run after him, in instance.

He turns his head and saw you calling him, which is maybe something that only happens once in a decade.

“This is out of the blue,” he commented and stopped walking.

You run up to him with urgency. You really need to confirm something. When you are just inches away from Chanyeol, you stopped and stand on your tiptoes. You placed your chin on his shoulder and sniff the scent of his body, the tip of your nose against the side of his neck and you inhaled deeply.

You don’t even realise that you are standing terribly close to him and also very intimate. You just keep breathing against his white long neck.

His fresh citrusy scent filled your nose, nope. No alcohol.

You smiled and stand back a little so you can see his face.

“Good boy, so you didn’t drink your first soju yesterday?”you smile genuinely, like nothing ever happen. Like you never stand this close to him.

His stare is fixated at your face, his mouth agaped and he doesn’t even care to close it.

“Hey come back to earth! Your people need you.” You wave your hands in front of his face, and he blinked.

“No… I just–”

“HEY!” A high pitched voice shouted out loud and you instantly know that nothing good could happen.

“Is he calling you?” Chanyeol asked, his voice all husky and somewhat sexy.

“I hope not.” you walked past Chanyeol but then,


Okay now, everyone’s attention has turned towards this funny looking guy with super big mouth. He looks retarded, he’s one of a kind. You know this guy, he’s Eunkwang. He sells fish-cakes across your house, his fish-cakes are really good actually. But his creepy wide smile just scares the costumers away.

“What do you want?” you demanded.

“You dear mother, asked me if I could bring you some fish-cakes for you. And I am more that happy to see your school, so I said, ‘Yes, ma’am. I’ll deliver it for you,’ and tadaa! Here I am now with your fish-cakes!” He raised the plastic bag in his right hand. “Oh! Who’s this handsome gentlemen over here?” He nodded at Chanyeol. “Oh, how I wish I have a nice youngster look!” He sighed happily.

You took the plastic bag. “You can go now.”

“You’re not going to introduce me to your dear friends?” He looked a little disappointed.

“I don’t think my dear friends wants to know you.” your tone’s dead flat, giving no space for any argument whatsoever.

Eunkwang pouted.

“You’re the guy who sells the best-tasting fish-cakes in the whole neighborhood right?” suddenly a voice popped up.

“Oh! My dear costumer Kyungsoo!” Eunkwang’s face suddenly turned bright.

“How the hell they know each other?” you murmured more to yourself, but decided not too care. You made a mental note to say thanks later to your savior, Do Kyungsoo.

“Hey Kwangie, I have a new really good recipe for fish-cakes. Want to know?” Kyungsoo’s huge eyes glitsening with excitement. And Eunkwang shrieked as an answer. With that, both of them walked away shoulder to shoulder, as if they are talking about the hottest gossip.

Sehun and Baekhyun walks towards you, laughing and enjoying your moment of embarrassment.

“Well that’s not something we can see everyday.” Baekhyun laughed.

“Yeah what a show.” Sehun added, chuckles lightly.

“Congratulations! You have witnessed a phenomenal  tragedy of my life, keep that memory safe in that brain of yours, will you?” you smiled mockingly. “Wait, where’s Luhan?” you asked.

“He drank the soju.” Sehun answered. “And he have no talent in drinking.”

“Anyway, can we have your fish-cakes?” Chanyeol asked, politely.

“Yeah sure.” you handed him the fish-cakes.

Yehet!” Sehun cheered.

Just as they started to munch their first bite, a cool tall guy passed and Chanyeol called out loud. “Kris hyung! Thanks for the spongebob boxer, I love it! In fact, I’m wearing it right now.” He patted his own butt.

“Seriously, Park Chanyeol?” You rolled your eyes. And on the other hand, Sehun and Baekhyun has stopped eating, suddenly lost their appetite after imagining spongebob’s face on Chanyeol’s ass.

“Want some?” Chanyeol didn’t seem to care, he offered Kris a stick of fish-cake.

“Nah, fish-cakes are not my style.” Kris answered coolly and then walk away.

“He’ll have to give up his cool image someday.” You commented, your eyes still following Kris’s back.

“You bet.” Baekhyun added, wiping off his mouth clean.


Before the first class started, Suho gave you the final script for the upcoming school play.

You scanned through the pages and you can feel your heart breaking within every words you read. You clearly told Suho to check if there’s any typo, not change the whole freaking story.

You have written a beautiful drama script about Hamlet, with all the ancient and mind-blowing dialogues. You were sure that this play would be the best school play ever. It will be grand.

But then, POOF.

All gone.

Suho has turned your beautiful script into a crappy drama. He replaced the most amazing Hamlet with the most mainstream Peter Pan. And the worst part is, he changed the characters of The Lost Boys into something like ultraman. Each boys have different powers; from water, wind, healing, telepathy, frost and fire. Not classy, at all.

Suho, that tasteless useless guy version of Snow White ruined your precious script. You’ve put your heart and soul into the script, you write the script carefully like rising a kid. And it’s official,

Suho is the first guy who broke your heart.

“Son of a mother!” you hissed, your stare fixed at Suho’s back who seat two rows in front of you.

“I’ll collect your assignment.” You heard Mrs. Ahn, the math teacher, but the sound is muffled with your crowded thought. Your heart aches so badly.

You remotely reached your homework and put it on your table.

“I haven’t done mine.” Chanyeol raises his hand.

“Go out and finish it in the library.” Mrs. Ahn doesn’t look surprised, because of course, this kind of thing happens every week.

Chanyeol stand up and walked out the class.

“Mrs. Ahn!” you interrupted, your voice cracking. “I need to use the toilet.” your tone is almost robotic.

Mrs. Ahn nodded as an answer.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You look like the zombie from The Walking Dead.” Chen commented gleefully.

“I lost my mind.” you answered half singing.

“Hey, that’s my song.” Chen complained, and you just walk away.

Of course, you’re not heading to the bathroom. You walked towards the library instead. You saw Chanyeol, looking all serious. He creases his eyebrows and blow his cheek, his big glasses hanging lazily on the bridge of his nose.

You fling your body to the seat beside him and sighed deeply. “Chanyeol?” you called softly. Looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Hm?” He’s still absorbed with the math problems.

“Suho broke my heart.” You started to sob, and Chanyeol stopped his work.

“I don’t know you ever liked Suho.” he’s face is a painting of total confusion.

“NO. He changed my Hamlet script into a terribly cheap version of Peter Pan!” you sobbed even harder, you covered your face with your hands, you know you look awfully pathetic at this moment.

“Oh. I thought it was something more serious.” Chanyeol got back to his math problems after realising that your problem isn’t something serious.

“More serious than the agony of watching your master-piece being destroyed?”


And then there’s silence.

“Chanyeol?” you called out again.


“Can I play with your ear?”

“What?” he looked down at your pitiful face. “Fine.” he sighed.

You slide your chair closer and reach his ears. You  traced the outline of his ear slowly with the tip of your fingers, pulled his ears lightly and pressing his earlobe gently.

Both of you just sit there in silence, you’re playing with his ears, slowly calming your flooded emotions, while Chanyeol’s working on his algebra worksheet.

You’re just grateful you have such a good friend who willingly sacrifice his ears for you to play with. Because even since you were little, you always play with your mom’s ear whenever you’re upset or confused.

“Your ears are actually perfect,” you whispered.




I can’t…. there’s too many Chanyeol. This chapter is filled with extremely cheesy you and Chanyeol moments. I… just… can’t… bear… it.

Okayy! So, today’s guest is the leader of Born to Beat (BTOB) Eunkwang! He’s not that famous, I know.. but i just think that he fits perfectly for this fish-cake seller character.

Hint for the next guest :

He’s wild and sexy, but truly he’s just king of idiots.

Oh yeah, this is my favorite BTOB’s song ever. This is my all time favorite, so so so nice. You need to watch it! Seriously 😀

Isn’t it lovely?


4 thoughts on “Extrovert [4/?]

  1. TENOOOOOOOOOOT!! Tebakanku salah yak.
    Tapi tapi tapi……. aku yakin yang berikutnya Jackson kan?!! Sexy dan wild. Rawr! Senangnyaaaaaaaaaa XD
    Kok enak? Kok ngga marah? Kok lucu? Kok jadi macem fluff? Kok aku jadi malu-malu senyum-senyum sendiri bacanya. Kyut ❤ ❤
    I so damn love the way she said. Lyke, oh my god, sarcastic but funny at the same time.
    Aku juga suka karakter Luhan di sini, pengen ditoyor-toyor walopun di sini ngga ada Luhannya.
    Tao kepalang stupid bocah-bocah gampang dikibulin yak. Ladang pembullyan gitu dia. Wakwaw.
    Ditunggu ya lanjutannya ❤

    • seneng bangeeet ada yang sukaa haha… feedbacks tuh bener2 moodbuster bangeeet 😀
      iyaa aku lagi usaha mau menonjolkan tiap2 tokoh dgn karakternya yg beda bedaa, tapi tao kayaknya terlalu ekstrim ya? Heehee..
      Won’t let you down💙

  2. aaaaaaak my lyfe bye!!!!!! hati ini gak sanggup bacanya thof fluffly banget dan itu chanyeol. itu sama CHANYEOL >,<

    baca ini fokus ke chanyeol doang. mian. tapi aku emang cintah banget karakter chanyeolnyaaaah. heuuu semangat thor^^

    • Makasiiiiih 🙂 Kuatin hati km ya, petualangan dengan Chanyeol ini masih jauh dari berakhir haha.. wait for the next chapt yaaa!^^

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