Extrovert [5/?]

Extrovert Poster 2

Special Appearance : Jackson Wang from GOT7

Special Appearance : Jackson Wang from GOT7

Part Title : The Hangover


The first thing that comes to your mind when the last bell ring is,

“Thank God it’s Friday.”

You, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun and also Tao have already make an appointment to check on Luhan later this afternoon. And Baekhyun invited Tao because he thinks this Chinese guy could bring some herbal Chinese medicine to heal the drunk guy.

But Tao turns out knows absolutely nothing about Chinese medicine.

“Are you coming or no?” Sehun asked.

“Of course! I just need to make sure that Chanyeol have enough food for the weekend!” you explained.

“But Chanyeol’s here.” Baekhyun pointed at Chanyeol who is now talking to a junior who have a huge crush on him.

“No.. No.. Not that Chanyeol. I was talking about the other Chanyeol, my frog for Biology class.” you answered cheerfully.

“She’s mental.” Sehun whispered to Baekhyun.

“I know right.” Baekhyun agreed calmly as you took off, sprinting towards the Lab.

When you’re about to open the door, you hear people talking from inside the Lab. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop someone else’s conversation, but your curiosity is over-flowing, you can’t help it. So you put your ears against the door hole.

“Today was awful. This morning I sit on my usual chair, but then I realised something has changed on my desk. There’s a new scratch at the bottom left of my table, the scratch is 1 millimetre deep and about 2 centimetres long, and it keeps on distracting me.  And I did bad at today’s pop-quiz, I only got 98 and it’s frustrating. You see, it’s not because I can’t answer the questions, it’s because when I was trying to work on the calculations my eyes kept falling back at the new 1 millimetre deep and 2 centimetres long new scratch. Not to mention that….” the blabbering keeps going on and on.

You sighed and open the door.

“Do Kyungsoo, you’re pathetic.” You saw Kyungsoo sitting on one of the lab chairs, bent down towards a microscope the minute you entered the Lab.

He look up and looked pretty surprised, his huge eyes grow even bigger.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, stunned.

“No, what are you doing here.”

“I was just chatting. No big deal.” he shrugged, placed his eyes back on the lenses of the microscope.

“Yeah sure, no big deal. A guy talking about his unlucky day to a microscope is totally normal. Totally normal.” You walk at his direction.

“Excuse me, don’t assume. I was talking to a real life living creature.” He slide his chair away from the microscope, his face is red with embarrassment.

You raised your eyebrows, “Do Kyungsoo, spill.” you urged.

“Fine! I was talking to my friends.” He exhaled harshly, and fixed his gaze on you, “Bacterias.”

“You were talking to bacterias?” You have to admit, you’re still a little shocked.

“They’re a good listener. Better than human-being.” he argued.

“You really need to marry Chanyeol.” You impersonated Luhan.

“No way. He’s too loud.” Kyungsoo anwered as he took off his white lab suit.

You chuckle as you place a small plate filled with dead flies for Chanyeol. The frog one, of course. Chanyeol jumped in excitement and put out his super long tongue.

“You need to socialise with human-being too. Come on, we’re going to visit Luhan, you need to come.” You invited without thinking.

“Who’s the ‘we’ you’re referring to?” He grab his bag.

“Me, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun and Tao.” you answered gleefully. “It’s going to be so much fun!”

“Sounds like a nightmare to me.” He mumbled.

“Sounds like a yes to me.” And without further explanation you drag Kyungsoo by his sleeve.

Kyungsoo keeps protesting all the way to the school gate, but you just ignore him and keep walking.

“Hey! I brought a present for you guys!” you yelled.

“Wow.” Baekhyun and Chanyeol looked surprised, their faces are hilarious.

“Why am I not surprised?” Sehun murmured, straight-faced as always.


Luhan opened the front door three seconds after Baekhyun hit the bell.

“I was expecting you guys! Fancy some sodas?” He smiled, showing off his white teeth.


You end up circling with the guys at Luhan’s living room.

“My aunt is out for a night. The old lady across who live across the street invited her to a sleepover party. She called it ‘Girls Night Out’ but I’m calling it ‘A Bunch of Old Lady Talking About Their Boring Life’.” Luhan explained, even though no one asked.

Chanyeol, Bekhyun and Sehun are sitting at the couch talking about some cute juniors while Luhan practices his beat-boxing. But all you hear is a weird beat and spit everywhere.You plopped down on the floor behind Kyungsoo, playing with the zipper on his bag while Kyungsoo makes next semester’s homework.

“I’m warning you, stay away from my zippers.” Kyungsoo warned you sternly, but as always, you don’t give a shit.

You invade Kyungsoo’s bag, checking every book and every pouch.

“You eat encyclopaedias three times a day?” You pull out a book about anatomy out from his bag.

“I read novels too.” He murmured.

“Really? About what? The forbidden love between Algebra and Calculus?” you chuckled.

“No. I read Twilight once.”

“I know that book. What did you do to the love triangle between the vampire, the girl and the werewolf? Find the ‘x’ using Pythagoras?” you closed the book about anatomy.

“Don’t make fun of me.” He turned around to face you.

“But I’m bored. And I make fun of people when I’m bored.” You defended.

“Let’s talk about Twilight then. That’s the only thing we can talk about because you obviously can’t talk about parametric equations and polar coordinates.” He put back his books to his bag.

“I don’t read Twilight. I gave up reading it after the vampire guy sparkles.” You shrugged.

“Excuse me, the vampire guy have a name. His name is Edward, Edward Cullen.” Kyungsoo corrected.

“I don’t freaking care, for god’s sake.” you huffed.

You stand up and filled your plastic cup with soda all over again.

“You don’t look drunk.” You commented to Luhan who is now laying on his stomach, still beat-boxing.

“I buff ptuff sleep through my ckecke thuff  hangover.” he didn’t  even spare you a glance.

When you’re about to drink your 5th glass of soda, the front bell rings.

“I’ll get it!” you shouted.

You opened the door and suddenly Tao’s face filled your vision.

“Hey! Did I miss something?!” Tao shrieked happily.

“Yeah, you missed Sehun’s performance of ‘Girl’s Day – Something’, what a shame Tao.” Luhan answered with a boring tone.

“How was it?” Tao asked with enthusiasm.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

“Anyway, I brought my friend along!” he stepped in and then you see a well-built guy with a pair of  baggy pants and a black sleeveless shirt. He wears a black hat with a word ‘WANG’ written in the front of the hat.

“Fancy some sodas? Whoever you are.” Luhan greeted with no intention on being friendly.

“Don’t be rude Luhan.” You closed the door and plopped next to Chanyeol.

“I want to dance Girl’s Day – Something.” He popped, his voice is cheerful but also masculine at the same time.

“Hit it.” Baekhyun sit straighter at the couch.

Naman mollasseotdeon something~Bunmyeonghi neukkyeojyeo must be something.” He sang the song while danced, pumping his ass mimicking Girl’s Day, but end up over-doing the dance itself.

Everyone broke out into brutal laughter and shrieks.

“We’re definitely gonna get along.” Chanyeol shouted.

“Hey Mr. No Name, introduce yourself.” You added loudly.

“Oh yeah, right.” He stand in the middle of the room. “My name’s Jackson and I’m… um.. I’m wild and sexy.” He paused to wink and then continued, “And just like Tao, I can do some martial arts.” He bowed sincerely.

“Show us what you got.” Sehun challenged.

He screamed, “I GOT YOU!” and then jumped and thrust his body to the front, flipped around making his hat flew and landed with a loud ‘BAM’ on the floor.

“Whoa, gravity won’t let me do such a thing.” You commented with awe.

“It’s just because you’re as stiff as a wooden board.” Chanyeol teased and you hit his head with an empty soda bottle.

Jackson smiled proudly, run his hair through his finger and put back his hat. Everyone shouted their names one by one and Jackson gave each one of you a handshake with his firm grip.

“Well, since everyone’s here. I’ll show you how to have some fun.” Luhan raised his hand. “Truth or dare.” He said it with low voice as if the word is dangerous.

“The word gave me goosebumps.” Kyungsoo commented.

“God! I almost forget you existed.” Luhan cried out in surprise.

“I get that a lot.” Kyungsoo shrugged and reached your bag and hug it, leaned his head on top of it, using it like a pillow.

“To start this game I’ll ask to all of you, brats. Pick the hottest person in this room!”

Everyone choose Sehun who’s putting a handful of chips into his mouth. He’s not surprised at all, he knows God had blessed him with a handsome face.

“Hey, why?!” Jackson interrupted. “I thought it was going to be me.” he bluffed.

“You danced ‘Something’ the moment you entered the room. There’s no space for hotness left in your image.” Sehun speak up, the longest sentence Sehun has spoken the entire day.

“I’m not saying that I’m hot.” He open his palms and raised his eyebrows. “But you see, a junior come up to me and asked, ‘What did you eat to become so hot?’ so I answered, ‘RICE?’.” he’s a hilarious storyteller.

“You ate rice and become so hot? Try eat fire to become damn hot.” Baekhyun tagged in with his usual sassiness.

A cocky smirk is now plastered on Jackson’s face.

“I’ll try hyung. I’ll try.”

Sehun stand up abruptly and stuck out his finger to your direction.

“Truth or dare?” he demanded.

“Truth.” you decided to just play it safe.

“Name one guy you like.”Sehun sit back down neatly.

“Okay. Dare.”

“I dare you to answer that question.”

And this is what they call ‘checkmate’.

“Fine. The guy I like is–” You paused to think, but then your eyes caught a glimpse of movement from Kyungsoo’s direction. He’s exploring you bag, checking every book and every pouch just like what you did earlier to his bag.

And then he took out a pink pouch where you keep your personal stuffs. Pads, panties and other forbidden things, you name it. He reaches the zipper and just about to zip it open,

“DO KYUNGSOO!” you yelled in urge.

“Whoa, keep it down, Tiger.” Luhan smirked.



It’s time to spice things up a bit!

This is the longest chapter so far! Was it boring? ‘Cause I have zero experience in making a straightforward storyline. But I hope you guys would still enjoy this story.

I really love reading you feedbacks, your comments just seriously boost up my spirit to keep on writing and come up with new things. This is my favorite quote from one of my favorite writer,

“Books are a weird collaboration between author and reader; You trust me to tell a good story, and I trust you to bring it to good life in your mind.”

-John Green

Last but not least, hint for the next guest :

Suho’s brother 😀



9 thoughts on “Extrovert [5/?]

  1. “Excuse me, don’t assume. I was talking to a real life living creature.”

    “Do Kyungsoo, spill.”

    “Fine! I was talking to my friends.” He exhaled harshly, and fixed his gaze on you, “Bacterias.”

    “You eat encyclopaedias three times a day?”

    “I read novels too.”

    “Really? About what? The forbidden love between Algebra and Calculus?”

    “A junior come up to me and asked, ‘What did you eat to become so hot?’ so I answered, ‘RICE?’.”

    “You ate rice and become so hot? Try eat fire to become damn hot.”

    Kebayang banget Kyungsoo lagi ngomong sama bakteri-bakteri. Emang selama ini aku ngebayangin dia tuh orang yang suka ngomong sama daun, semut-semut gitu waktu kecilnya. Makanya langsung
    ngakak aku waktu baca XD

    You have taste, your sense of humour just make me……LMAO. The forbidden love between Algebra and Calculus is soooooooooooooooo genius. Where did you get that idea? XD

    I know Jackson’s scene. It’s ASC, rite? Kebayang banget mukanya yang ngomong RICE?

    Aku juga suka karakter Luhan di sini. Duh, aku banyak sukanya. Maksudnya selain tokoh “you”nya dan setelah Baekhyun. Tapi Tao gobloknya juga lucu sih :> /labil/
    Kakaknya Suho? Siapa tuuuuuuuuuuuh? Hihi, ngga sabar buat part berikutnya!

    Btw, aku belum perkenalan yak? Ajeng, 95L. Salam kenal ❤ ❤

    • Haii.. salam kenal juga yaa 🙂
      iyaa yang jackson aku ambil dr asc, biar kebayang mukanya kyk gimanaa haha…
      the algebra and calculus part…. i was working on some math problems when suddenly that sentence come up heehee 😀 glad that made your day!
      stay tune!

  2. wakakakakakakaka najeeeees gue ngakak kenceng di kantor orang xD
    ini apaan sih kok lucu bangeeet? aaaaak…. kyungsoo imun banget gak sih? iya kan? ((iyain))
    dan kenapa nama chanyeol harus di jadiin nama FROG? omg FROG? emg sih ya mirip sama-sama berisik kekeke

    ditunggu kelanjutannya :*

    • dari awal emang udah niat mau genrenya romance comedy, degdegan takut garing gituu… haha makanya lega bangeet pas dibilang lucu hehe 😀
      stay tune terus yaa
      P.S : semoga org2 yg di kantor tidak terganggu ya, sampaikan maafku pada mereka hehe..

    • Looking forward for your feedbacks and also goodluck on you exam! Fighting!^^
      P.S Maybe Mr. Do Kyungsoo could tutor you, I’ll set it up if you want to 😀

  3. Hallo kak salam kenal, baca extrovert part 1 langsung jatuh hati aku (lebay), jadi langsung nerus deh sampe part ini. Maaf aku baru komen dipart ini karna aku bacanya ngebut. Walaupun aku gak pinter pinter amat ama bahasa inggris, tapi aku bisa nangkep isi ceritanya. Ngakak sumpah 😀 suka banget sama semua karakter disini. Apalagi D.O, entah kenapa rasanya cocok banget antara karakter ama mukanya haha

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