Extrovert [6/?]

Notice : I have rescheduled the next guest's appearance for the seventh chapter. I'm sincerely sorry for the delay.

Notice : I have rescheduled the next guest’s appearance for the seventh chapter. I’m sincerely sorry for the delay.

Part Title : The Plan Sucks



“Rise and shine sleepyhead!”

You stretched lazily under you blanketbut then drifted back to sleep after changing your position.

“Hey get your lazy ass off the bed.” someone tucked your blanket by force and nudged your waist. It tickles so you giggled, still a bit dazed and tried to slap your morning attacker.

When your vision started to clear you saw something that makes you scream at the top of your lungs. You throw pillows to the guy who is now giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Whoa, calm down. I may looked so manly and cool, but don’t mistaken me as an assassin,” Luhan raised his hand above his head smiling cutely. Yeah sure, so manly.

“Manly my ass,” you grunted and you are about to get up from your bed when suddenly a question occurred. “How did you get in?”

“Oh dear, your mother loves me.” Luhan smirked. And you starting to get tired of his smirk.


“But mom! You can’t possibly let a full grown man enter your daughter’s room first thing in the morning when you are fully aware that your precious daughter was still in her beautiful deep sleep–”

“You don’t look anyway near beautiful when you’re asleep.” Luhan interrupted and you just send him your best glare.

“And mom! Let’s not forget that your daughter is also a full grown woman, let alone the fact that your daughter is undeniably gorgeous. What if he thinks I’m insecure or something?”

Luhan snorted. “Even a cold-blooded murder would’ve backed off after saw your glare.”

“I hope you’re the one backing off.” you turned back to your mother. “And mom! He doesn’t even looked innocent!” you spread your arms frustrated.

“Innocent would be an understatement.” the middle-aged woman who is standing in front of you with a casserole of baked potatoes inhaled dramatically.

“He’s too cute like a puppy that nobody can’t resist him!”

The older woman shrieked playfully and hopped a little. You watched as your mom put down the casserole and reached to front offering Luhan a high-five, the boy happily accept and they high-fived cheerfully.

“Mom! He’s invading my personal space!”

“Now now, settle down. Food always brings people together, let’s see if in this case this theory works on you two.” She scooped a spoonful of baked potatoes to your plate.

When you carefully watched your mom dumping a huge amount of food to Luhan’s plate, you found an unsettling fact that bothered you so much. “Why is he getting more cheese?”

“He’s a guy after all. And I think he needs to grow a teeny tiny bit more.” The older lady smiled, causing more wrinkles appear at the sides of her eyes.

“Why don’t feed him with heels instead?” And your head got whacked with a spoon by your mother.

As if spent breakfast with Luhan wasn’t enough torture for you, your mom insisted that the two of you should enjoy the warm weather outside, and she specifically ordered Luhan to “Make sure my daughter have enough sunburns because she’s getting too pale and starting to look like Voldemort wearing a dreadful wig.”

“Wonder why you went through all the trouble rising Voldemort,” you mumbled nonchalantly as you dragged Luhan away, can’t stand another word of embarrassment from your mother.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I went to your hou–”

You cut off, “Do I look like wondering?”

ANYWAY, Luhan’s talking over here,” he flicked his finger with a girlish manner. “We need to find a place suitable for a proper meeting.”

You rolled your eyes and follow Luhan into a coffee shop just around the corner.

“We’re here to discuss a very important topic, so all attention on me please. I know, you’re rolling your eyes mentally right now but please, this meeting will change your whole life,” he reached down to his backpack and pull out a document.

He shoved the document right in front of your very eyes. You raised one of your eye-brows sceptically as you snatched the paper and scanned through the pages.

The title of the document are pretty much fishy to you, because seriously, Luhan would not make a planner to crank up his extremely low grades, not even in his wildest dreams.


Goal : To set you up with Park Chanyeol

in Three Months period

“It rhymes,” you chuckled and then continued, “The title.”

“That’s the only thing you came up with? The title rhymes? Seriously?! I spent a whole freaking night to accomplish that and all you can say is the title rhymes?” he spread his hands clearly frustrated.

“Fine I’ll say something else,” you tapped your chin with your index finger, “Good luck fighting against the impossible,” you finally uttered lightly.

On the other side, the cheeky Chinese guy just laughed like that was the greatest joke in the history. “We’ll see,” he challenged and waved as he stood up towering you (well actually not really towering since you’re sitting down, but yeah whatever)

“Be grateful, you’ll take off that ‘single’ status after three moths,” and he walked away with just that. You mean seriously? He dragged you into a coffee shop for an important meeting and he didn’t even treat you with a glass of coffee?

“That son of a witch,” you snorted out loud and walked out the coffee shop with the planner wedged in your arms.


“Where’s Luhan?” your mom grinned from ear to ear, as soon as you stepped into the house.

“I have a nice morning, thanks for asking,” you quipped sarcastically and gone up stairs to your room.

You hopped sideways to your bed, landing ass first and lay your back comfortably against your fluffy pillows. You read Luhan’s planner carefully out of curiosity and kept on rolling your eyes every now and then.

The planner is a calendar with little notes popping here and there. You have to admit, Luhan did a pretty good job with planning all the small details for your life three months ahead, but you can’t help but got choked by your own laughter at very end.

The last goal is,

It’s time for the kiss!^^

You can read Luhan’s small scratchy handwriting clearly and suddenly the image of a laughing Luhan popped out of nowhere and then you felt the urge to whack his nose with a brick.

That guy must’ve been out of his godforsaken mind. Because seriously, kissing Park Chanyeol have never come up to your mind all along because you see kissing Park Chanyeol just simply, irrelevant. And impossible. And inappropriate. And interesting.


The last word isn’t supposed to be there.


Later in the evening, re-watching the same old drama for the hundredth time you found yourself laying on your stomach staring blankly at the constantly moving screen, but your mind is a thousand miles away.

Watching a drama remind you about the school play, and thinking about the school play always makes your heart ached all over again. You felt genuinely sorry for Shakespeare and Hamlet but then again, there’s nothing you can do about it, Mrs. Cho has already spread the pamphlet and the audition has alread  plotted someday in this month.

Unconsciously, you reached up and touched your ears slowly squeezing your own earlobe. Playing with ears has always been your way to sort out your messed up thoughts. But somehow, this time it doesn’t make any difference, you don’t feel any better nor relaxed.

“I think I need a bigger ear,” you sighed and lay your back on the cold hardwood floor. You reached your phone and texted the only person you know willing to lend his ears for you to play with, the one and only Park Chanyeol.

Are you free tomorrow morning?

After five minutes Chanyeol replied,

Hell no, I’m expensive

You mentally laughed, fight back a smile that almost surfaced and typed hurriedly,

Can I at least borrow your ear? Mail it to my address.

It doesn’t take more than a minute this time,

I don’t think I can show up on a blind date tomorrow with no ears HAHA

This time, you didn’t find his words funny but still you answered immediately,

Mean asshole HAHA

And he just answered with a laughing out loud emoticon.

You read it again and again and again any again until you almost memorised every syllable. Blind date? He’s desperate. And this time you laughed mockingly at your phone screen. Desperate asshole. And you laughed harder.

Outside, the sun is setting down, leaving the sky pitch black. The universe tried to light up the night with the stars but no use, the clouds were blocking the flickering fade star light. Where’s the moon anyway?

After a quick dinner, your mother complained about her migraine getting worse so you clean up the table and wash up the dishes right after wiping off your plate clean.

You don’t even feel a dash of drowsiness, despite the fact that it’s only two hours away from midnight. You were staring at the ceiling thinking about nothing when suddenly your phone buzzed on your bedside table.

From Do Kyungsoo. You’re a little surprised, because all this time you thought the only application he can operate in his phone is just the calculator, and look now, he’s texting you for the first time in forever. Literally.

Good night, human.

You read it loudly and you suddenly feel the need to smile. You were just about to reply when suddenly another text came in,

You see? I interact with human-beings too. Sometimes. But not most of the time. And not just to anyone. 

“It’s probably because you can’t text your bacteria friends, you idiot,” you chuckled as you typed your reply,

Good night, freak.

You answered at last and shut down your phone, shutting down your brain as well. Your thoughts slowly colliding with the darkness of your room, and the last thing you think about before you finally slipped into the dream land is,

Kyungsoo is definitely not in Luhan’s plan.



I know that this chapter is rather……. flat. This chapter is centered around the girl’s (your) feelings and thoughts. Please keep holding on to this fic, I will try to do my best for the next chapter.

I’m sorry it took a long time for this update, I was thinking about the plots all over again and started to wonder, “Am I making a good fanfiction over here?”

Lastly, a tons of thanks for all Extrovert readers! You guys are all amazing 🙂 Promise me to wait for the next chapter and also please leave a piece of your opinion about this fic below! 😀



5 thoughts on “Extrovert [6/?]

  1. Yeaaaaaaaay^^
    gak sabar sampe part kissing-park-chanyeol wkwkwk luhan memang jenius.
    Chanyeol mau blind date? Oh, well itu mengingatkan aku sama acara dating alone -_- iya, itu acara yg bikin abege labil macem uwe ngayal babu.
    Dan kenapa tiba2 kyungsoo sms, sedang cari perhatian kah dia?
    Btw ini ffnya bagus kok, sumpah bagus. Jadi jangan ragu-ragu thorrr lanjutkan dengan yakin dan penuh cintaaa (aiiiiiiih)
    Next chap, I’ll wait patiently :*
    Naminaya fighting!

  2. Asfhdkslahsgajnahankakekekekekekemekehahahahahahahahahahahahhh

    Seru ini seru
    Fix kyungsoo suka sama ceweknya. Dan dengan segala kefreak-an kyungsoo aku harap itu bikin balik si cewe jadi perlahan2 dugeun2 ikutan suka juga. Si chanyeol juga bisa make cute couple kalau barengan juga tapiii tapiiiii yasudahlah.

    ditunggu di chapter selanjutnyaaa

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