Extrovert [7/?]

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Special Appearance : Choi Siwon from Super Junior

Special Appearance : Choi Siwon from Super Junior

Part Title : Drop Dead Gorgeous


“There’s a new Biology teacher, they say he’s smokin’ hot,” Baekhyun walked beside you, feeding you up with weekly gossips.

“How did you know?” you flicked a piece of chocolate chip to the air and catch it with your mouth casually.

He rubbed his nape lightly before answering, “Don’t doubt it, the information is totally reliable. You see, I heard it from Sehun, he said he heard it from our good old bun Minseok and Minseok heard it from some random senior and the random senior heard it from another someone. Any problem?”

“Yeah totally reliable,” you shrugged.

You still have your logic runny pretty good to know that everything that comes from Kim Minseok is not something you can believe in. He is the school’s gossip operator, collects every kind of gossips from A to Z. In this school there’s no safe place to talk about secrets, because even the walls have ears, and the ears is Minseok’s.

So this is how things works with our pal Minseok, give him a couple bucks for exchange with a particular information you want. This business is a huge success, considering Minseok himself changes his shoes pretty much every single week.

You walked down the hallway towards your first class, Biology. Aside from Baekhyun’s bullshit, you still think that this school needs to replace the Biology teacher, since Professor Shin has gone way too old to remember to inform you about any homework but gone mad when nobody collect their works the next week.

You take a seat next to your lab partner for this semester, the annoyingly sassy Byun Baekhyun. And yes, Professor Shin was the one deciding everyone’s partners. Since you’re good at Biology, he paired you up with this dumb-ass over here.

But anyway, your luck is still better, because Kyungsoo end up paired with Chanyeol, worst lab partner ever. Well actually just simply worst partner ever because he can’t tell the right time to joke around and time for being serious.

“Let’s make a bet,” Baekhyun put down his only pencil down at the table. “New teacher, I win. But if the one entering that door is the same old boring Professor Shin, you win.”

“I’m feeling a little fancy on the bet,” you accepted his challenge confidently and put down your favourite (expensive) pen beside Baekhyun’s old shabby, worn-out pencil.

The door cracked open a little, every head turn into the direction of the door in instance. The rumour about the hot new teacher was definitely spreading pretty fast.

Your jaw dropped as soon a you saw the person entering the room. You never know that the plain white lab suit could look appealing and super endearing on someone until you saw this very guy walked elegantly towards the teacher’s table.

His spiky dark hair styled to perfection framing the sharp edges of his facial features, he’s just drop dead gorgeous in the most classy way possible, like God had sculpted this particular creature himself. And not to mention the smile plastered on his face, his smile is in short, the most heart-warming smile you have ever seen in your whole life.

“Your pen is definitely mine now,” Baekhyun beamed, whispered in enthusiasm.

“Screw my pen,” you gushed, eyes still on this new figure.

“Good morning, class. I guess this is the first time you meet me, right?” his voice is deep but also energetic, as expected.

Some girls let out some endured shrieks.

“Let’s cut off the chit chat and go straight to the introductions. Well, my name is Choi Siwon, or Mr. Choi for you guys,” he bowed his head formally.

“I hope we will have some first-rate fun in this class,” he paused and darted fatherly glances throughout the whole class as if scanning every faces. And then he continued, “So as you guys had probably know, Professor Shin has made a decision to take his early retirement an–”

Sehun coughed mockingly from the back row, “Early?” he coughed a little more to disguise the word ‘early’, remembering that Professor Shin is frankly older than the oldest Galapagos turtle.

Sehun received a glare from Suho’s direction, and he shut his mouth afterwards. Sehun don’t usually say much, but when he actually did say something, his words is always meaningless. Just to be straightforward, he’s one of the most useless human-being in this entire state.

“The poker-faced guy over there, if you want to ask a question or interrupt, please rise your hand,” Mr. Choi stated wisely with a kind smile. “Oh yeah, and the guy over here who looks exactly like the younger version of me, thank you for helping me.” he nodded at Suho who is now smiling loftily.

Oh wow, they do look so much alike.

“Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, about Professor Shin. He had retired a couple days ago and left me with some lesson plans for this semester. According to his lesson plan, you have already learned about animal’s anatomy system last week, am I wrong?”

There’s a short pause before he finally continued, “So today we are going to jump right to the practical lesson. You may grab your experiment material.”

“What’s the experiment material he’s talking about?” you turned your head to Baekhyun.

He raised his shoulders and said, “Park Chanyeol for you.”

The frogs.

“We’re going to open their little cutie tummies with this tinnie tiny knife?” you pointed the scalpel on the surgery tray. “Like literally kill them and take a look at their insides?”

“Education is cruel, kid.” He starting to look all theatrical with his dramatically serious face.

“You can say that again,” you walked over the glass tank and held Chanyeol up with one hand, ignoring some other girl’s shrieks who’s afraid of frogs.

You put Chanyeol down on the surgery mat, the fat frog looked up at you with his pleading black beady eyes. He surely have no idea that his short life is about to end.

“I can’t,” you breathed heavily. “I love Chanyeol too much,” you let out a deep sigh.

In a count of seconds, Luhan who is standing in front of you turned his head immediately, giving you a what-did-you-just-say? stare.

“Was that a confession?” he cupped his hand around one of his ear.

You gave him a confused look.

“You should’ve stick to the plan! You’re allowed to confess on the beginning of the third month, it has just been the second day and you confessed already?” he blabbered fast.

“Pardon?” you arched your brows.

“You used the L-word to Chanyeol just a second ago.”

“It’s for Chanyeol the frog,” you rolled your eyes and Luhan didn’t have time to answer because his geeky girl partner hit his arm pretty hard to get his attention back.

You turned on you heels facing Chanyeol who was struggling with his hyperactive frog, he ended up dumping his frog in the little personal glass tank. The giraffe is now bending down to take a closer look at his experiment frog.

“Hey Park Chanyeol, mind if we switch frog?” you whacked his head lightly.

He looked up and re-positioned his large glasses, “I actually named my frog after your name, so if we switch frog it will feel like both of us are killing ourselves.”

“Who give you the permission to use my name for your frog?” you leaned forward and glanced towards the ugly-looking frog who is now jumping desperately in his glass tank.

“Nobody,” he grinned so widely it’s a miracle that his cheek hasn’t been teared yet. “Your name fits just fine for this frog.”

He patted the top of your head lightly as if saying “Thanks for lending your name for this precious frog.”

Chanyeol’s hand is still messing with your hair when suddenly you felt a firm grip on your shoulders, at that instance Chanyeol’s hand freezes on top of your head.

“I’ll switch frog with you.”

Do Kyungsoo smiled rigidly at you as he pick up his own frog and said with a soft tone, “He’s named after the greatest doctor in the history, you know who?”

You raised one of your eye-brows, “Lee Min Ho?”

“Of course no!” he protested.

“Then I don’t care,” you shot out. “But I have no problem with killing the greatest doctor in the history, so yeah, let’s switch.”

Your gaze fell back to Chanyeol, for a moment totally forgetting his hand is still nesting on your head. You cleared your throat and Chanyeol’s hand fell back down to his sides, his mouth is still forming his signature goofy grin.

“I saw that!” Luhan tagged in with his unusual high-pitched voice, just before he got another thwack on his arm from his lab partner.

You quickly switched your frog with Kyungsoo and murmured a short thanks.

You stole a glance back at Kyungsoo and Chanyeol, they’re staring at each other with a weird amount of intensity. You blowed strands of hair that Chanyeol messed up earlier, and decided to give all your attention to the slightly thinner frog in front of you now, the legendary doctor frog.

From the corner of your eyes you saw Baekhyun shuffled slowly on his feet and turned around to face the parter behind.

“Hey Mr. Smartypants, why switching frog all of the sudden?” he chuckled teasingly.

“I’m just in the mood to kill Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo answered shrugging his shoulder like it’s no big deal.

“I like your style,” the cheerful guy beside you offered Kyungsoo a high-five and then added, “Ya Chanyeol, doesn’t that means that you’re going to kill her?” He nodded at your direction and then to Chanyeol’s frog.

“Baek, switch. Now.” he answered sternly, his already deep voice turned even deeper and huskier.

“Don’t boss me around,” Baekhyun sniffed but they switched anyway.

“They will never get along,” Baekhyun nudged you waist playfully, you flinched a little.

“Yeah, they better keep it to themselves,” you looked at the grinning guy beside you. “Because I can’t care even less.”

“All set?” Mr. Choi suddenly stood up, “Knives on hand, grip it comfortably.”

An how the hell can you kill comfortably?


“Can you mute it?” you snarled in annoyance at the Chinese guy on your left, the guy you’re talking to didn’t even spare you a glance.

After a traumatising experience of cutting a frog into pieces, you don’t feel like eating. You abandoned your lunch and go straight to the school’s back yard, not much luck, Luhan followed you like a puppy ever since the planner thingy.

“For the love of Santa, Luhan! You’re driving me nuts,” you poked his arm.

He finally took off his gaze from the little rectangular screen of his phone.

“You know this game called ‘Dumb Ways To Die’? This game is fantastic! You see, you do all these dumber than dumb things and if you failed you die stupid. Well, most likely you fail,” the blonde guy chuckled as he pocketed his phone, turn your head to your direction.

“I’ll install it for you,” he snatched your phone from your hand and quickly install it.

“Stupid and me, doesn’t belong in one sentence,” you get your phone back. “I don’t play stupid games.”

“People may consider it as stupid, but I think this game is just relevant,” he smiled and stood up abruptly. “Holy crap, I forgot. I promised Sehun to play basketball with him. Gotta go!” and he took off, and you can’t be more gladder than you already are.

You make your way to the library, there’s still some plenty of time left before recess is over. You returned the book you borrowed and then your eyes caught a sight of a tall easily noticeable figure, Tao, kung-fuing his workbook.

“What’s the case, mad panda?” you walked upon the frustrated looking guy.

“This thing called algebra,” he pointed at the opened forsaken book, “You need to give this little piece of shit a lesson,” he finished.

“Why don’t give you a lesson instead,” you sit down and propped your head on top of your open palms.

“You sure? Cause I could beat you up until you look like a pile of ugly mushy jelly,” he rises his fits to your face.

“I meant, real lesson Huang Zitao. Actually like literally giving you a lesson about algebra,” you rolled your eyes, watched Tao acting like a little kid all over again.

“Oh. I thought you want to slash me to pieces,” he sighed in relieve and took a seat in front of you.

“If you don’t behave, then I have no choice other than wushu your ass straight back to China,”

“Oh no you won’t,” he slide his chair closer.

“Oh yes I will,” you leaned forward.

“No you won’t.”

“Yes I will.”

Just when your knees were crushing against each other’s you felt a familiar grip on your shoulder.

“Oh no you won’t,” a deep flowing voice said behind you. “Because I’m going to be the one teaching Tao everything.”

You turned your head 90˚ and found a stern-faced Do Kyungsoo come from the middle of nowhere looking straight into your bare eyes, piercing your insides.

“Hey why?” Tao protested. It’s a common fact that Kyungsoo is  one hell of an Einstein but he’s also a sucker at teaching others.

“Because that’s how things work between the three of us,” he answered matter-of-factly.

And he took a seat beside you, not quite releasing his grip on your shoulder.

“You can let go now,” you muttered.

“Maybe later,”



 Anyone starting to feel a twinge of boredom?

Hopefully not.

This chapter was specially made for everyone who wants more Do Kyungsoo in this story. And I also figure out that I have abandoned Tao in the last two chapters, so now the dumb panda is baaaack. Hooray! –or maybe no.

Lastly, brace yourself for another bumpy ride. And I am bracing myself to face your comments so, I’m expecting some reactions over here people! 😀



5 thoughts on “Extrovert [7/?]

  1. Karakter baeki disini mengingatkan aku sama temen sekelas aku yg tukang-sayur-gerobak-dorong abis yg hobinya gibah sama pembokat komplek hahaha xD cucok sih cucok.

    Heuuuuuu apaan bgt akuXchanyeol moment (aku? Iyain) bikin pengeeeen thorrrr :* kok dapet bgt yak feeeeeeelnyaa suka-suka-suka

    Dokyungsoo, judes gitu ya? Tapi greget. Pen gigit hahaha 😀

    Aaaaaah suka bgt part ini thor <333

  2. ini xiumin jadi tukang gosip disini? wkwkwk aku masa lebih suka si “aku” sama kyungsoo, mungkin bakal lucu nantinya. pkknya chapter ini lucu banget, ngebayangin siwon ngomong gitu beneran ke suho haha 😀

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