Extrovert [8/?]

 Extrovert 4

Special Appearance : Taehyung (V) from BTS

Special Appearance : Taehyung (V) from BTS

Part Title : Eyeliner Situation


“You’re not joking right?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“You need to find out.”

“Hell no.”

“That dingy bastard attended a blind date behind my back! He’s going to be the one ruining my whole plan, and I’m not going to let him. No no, not when I’m still breathing like this, no. Here,” Luhan pounded the table and pull out some cash from his pocket. “Find out. You know the guy.”

“Hey hey wait! Ya Luhan!”

But he’s already sprinting to god-knows-where.

It’s early in the morning and Luhan had already messes with your day, like please, can that guy leave you alone for just a sec?

“God, one friend! Just one normal friend, that’s all I ask You for!” but you walk of to class 2-3 anyway, Minseok’s class.

“Kim Minseok,” you put Luhan’s cash on the table. “Take it.”

“Can I help you?” he looked up with an professional artificial smile.

“Park Chanyeol, blind date.”

He let out a short chuckle as he pocketed the money.

“Well, heard form a junior who was purposely following Chanyeol everywhere he goes, she has this gigantic crush on this tall guy, but that’s not the information you want to hear so yes, let’s go back to the blind date,” he blinked his eyes in slow motion and then continued, “Well we all know Byun Baekhyun is a pain in the ass for everyone,” you nodded in approval. “Yeah, Baekhyun is the one who was forcing Chanyeol to attend this blind date, however the girl is tall, slim and very well, dazzling. From the point of view of this junior. They have a good cup of coffee, chit-chatted for about an hour before leaving the cafe. They also exchange phone number, for extra details.”

He leaned to his chair and look up at you as if saying, “Satisfied?”

“Did they plan another date?” you asked still standing up.

“I’m out of service,” Minseok raised  both his hand and his eye-brows cockily.

You grunted under your breath and pull out some cash out of your pocket, blame your damned curiosity.

Minseok showed a satisfied smirk and reached the money.

“They did,”

“Thanks for nothing.” you walked away as Minseok smiled wide, but the smile didn’t quite reach his round eyes. Another well rehearsed quality service.


“Ya Byun Baekhyun!” the guy you’re calling keep on walking like he didn’t hear a thing.

“Byun Baekhyun! Did you left your ears at home?” you shouted one more time, this time the guy stopped so you can catch up.

“Hey Baek–” you paused, actually looking at the person’s face. “Wait, you’re not Baekhyun.”

“Oh!” he jumped back a little, looked a bit startled when he saw your face. “Sunbae-nim!” he slightly bowed his head.

“Are you Baekhyun’s long lost brother or something?”

“Kim Taehyung,” he offered a handshake. “And I used to have a little crush on you,” his smile is almost rectangular and his eyes turned into a mini crescent moon.

“Why past-tense? You don’t like me anymore? Am I losing my charms or something?” you chuckled lightly.

“No, it’s not like that.” He stepped back a little shook his hand alertly. “I  once told Baekhyun sunbae-nim that I have this teeny-tiny-subtle-duptle crush on you and he instructed me to back-off. He told me that nobody could ever touch you, so I moved on.” he finished his story, shifting his foothold to his other feet.

You arched your eyebrows, thinking hard. “It’s not that I’m interested in any part of your story, but by any chances.. Did he mention any name?” you asked out of curiosity.

“Yeah, not that I can remember precisely but it’s something about his best-friend likes you and nobody could hit you except for his friend,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Your mouth was left opened but no words came out, suddenly you can’t find a good word for response.

“Anyway, I need to catch up with my fellas, we need to kill some zombies and make sure this school is safe from any kind of brain-eating creatures,” he made a gun out of his hand and aim it to your forehead. “Stay safe sunbae! The zombies could be anywhere!”

He left, walking slowly while making some gunshot noises  aiming his hand-gun to every passerby in close proximity.

Your brain kept on replaying Taehyung’s words, left you with one question that remained unanswered,



You were spending the first recess after a long tiring Phys Ed with the cheerful bastards at the school yard talking about pretty much nothing when suddenly,

“AH!” Baekhyun screamed, stirring his bag frantically like he’s finding for something. “We have a situation,” he looked up from his bag with a horrified look in his eyes.

“Lost something?” you asked alertly.

“That little prick Kim Taehyung stole my eyeliner again!” Baekhyun throw his hand to the air, looking at every one of you with a panic look.

“Why am I not surprised?” Sehun asked himself still expressionless.

Chanyeol laughed, “I thought it was something more serious that that!”

“No seriously, this situation is life and death to me.” Baekhyun shook his head dramatically.

“What’s with you and eyeliner?” you asked, have no idea why a guy would ever freaked out because of an eyeliner.

“Aside from the fact that I rocked eyeliner better than most girls population in this whole school?” he stares at you expectantly.

“Yes, aside from that,”

“Nothing, that was good enough,” he licked his lips briefly, licking his lips has been habitual for Byun Baekhyun and you swear that half girls in this school literally melts to that small gesture.

“BYUN BAEKHYUN!” someone screamed and you all turned your head to the direction of the sound,

There you have it, Tao with his hair ruffled sticking at every direction and he hasn’t buttoned his uniform yet so you can see the hard planes of his chest pretty clearly.

Not that you’re interested.

“Baek, did you really put the cockroach in his spare underwear?” Chanyeol whispered.

“Heck, no. That one’s for next week,” Baekhyun replied with a confused look.

“Did you took off the buttons on his uniform?” Sehun joined, interrogating Baekhyun.

“No, but thanks for the idea.”

“He’s coming, act normal.” Luhan commanded and everyone stand up straighter, Chanyeol dug his hands into his pant’s pocket and starts whistling some happy innocent song, Sehun stayed expressionless while you and Luhan starts to play rock-paper-scissors out of the blue.

And lastly, Baekhyun, the main suspect plugged his earphones and his head moves along with the beat.

“You guys have zero skills in acting,” Tao murmured after he’s close enough to be heard.

“Well not me,” Baekhyun raised his hand. “My acting was brilliant you all thought that I was actually listening to a music while in fact I didn’t! HA!” he jumped back in excitement laughing his ass off.

“In fact, we all want you to shut up.” you spatted.

“He,” Tao pointed directly at Baekhyun’s head. “Had almost kill a man.”

Baekhyun’s laughter stopped in instance. “Hey wait, how?” Baekhyun put a hand on Tao’s shoulder but the taller guy just shooed it away.

“Remember the night when we played Truth or Dare?” Tao started and everyone nodded. “Well Baekhyun suggested Jackson to eat fire to become damn hot and well, he just did.”

“Did what?”

“He put a freaking torch in his mouth almost grilled his tongue!” Tao threw his hands.

Baekhyun shifted on his feet, “I don’t know he’s that stupid, actually.” he commented casually like the guy he’s talking is not lying on the hospital bed with burnt mouth.

“That’s not the point Baek, you messed up and now you have to fix it up,” Luhan stated wisely looking mature in all of the sudden.

“We need to go to the hospital. Or in other word, we need to skip a few classes today,” Chanyeol cheered moving his hips from side to side along with his hands looking all thrilled and happy.

“Mandarin’s next,” you informed, because everyone know that skipping Mandarin class is something disastrous in the end, especially when you got caught because Mr. Zhang would not let you off the hook easily, not after a few weeks of social service.

“Skip it.” Luhan demanded suddenly with no wisdom in his eyes, he almost looked mad. “Skip the fucking Mandarin class,” he continued in fury.

“Whoa dude, watch your vocabs.” Baekhyun uttered in a happy tone, Luhan is not usually that rude, if he’s cold like that then something’s must be up.

Luhan shook his head hard and then smiled heartily, back to his old happy self, it’s like some bad spirit has entered his body for a second. “What I meant was, this Jackson guy needs us more than Mandarin class,” he finishes with a even brighter grin.

“Luhan! You understand me so well,” Tao looked touched, dramatically wiping some invisible tears from his dry eyes.

“Let’s go then, we have a grilled tongue to visit!” Chanyeol shrieked in enthusiasm, but unfortunately too much enthusiasm, because the over-flowing excitement makes him promptly reached to the closest thing he could reach.

And it happened to be you.

Still shrieking like a little excited kid he grabbed your waist and squeeze you tight in his warm embrace. The last thing you know is you found your head fitted perfectly on the crook of his neck and Chanyeol’s long arms wrapped around you. The shrieks fell into total silence the next exact second.

 You’re too lost and still overly shocked to even move a muscle, and then suddenly,

“Why do you keep make moves ahead from the planner? I said, no hugs until the end of the second month!” Luhan scolded stomping his feet to the ground.

The invisible hands of reality slapped you hard and you stepped back abruptly making Chanyeol’s hand slid down, you felt a twinge of loss when the crisp air of the very first winter breeze swept your thin uniform, giving slight cold chills down your spine.

“Can’t you see they’re having a moment over here?” Baekhyun waved his hands to Luhan vigorously looking just as mad as the other guy.

“Can we just go now?” Sehun cut off looking bored out of his mind.

Tao cleared his throat and finally said, “We need to move now, we don’t have all day.”


On the way to the hospital everything went normal, everyone joke around every now and then, Chanyeol laughed just as hard and as bright like he has always laughed in his whole life.

Everything’s too normal and that makes you felt uneasy. Sure, you still laugh at their lame jokes and sometimes gave some sarcastic comments but your mind is travelling faster than the bus you’re riding in.

How the hell could he look so normal after that incident? And why can’t you move along and forget about it? The problem is, every time you think about the hug you will found yourself smiling uncontrollably all over again, and not to mention the familiar soft twisting sensations in your stomach.

Your train of thoughts stopped when suddenly you hear a deep desperate sigh from your left, you turned your head and found Luhan biting his lips warily while sending weird glances all over the narrow hallway of the hospital.

“Hey, something’s wrong?” you nudged his sides with your index finger.

“I just didn’t know that we’re going to this hospital, but other than that, I’m perfectly fine.” he smiled awkwardly.

A tall guy in white doctor suit walked at your direction with a wide warm smile,

“Hey Luhan? Coming early?” the doctor patted Luhan’s shoulder. Luhan just stepped back sheepishly, glanced nervously at you.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well see you around then,” the guy in the white suit walked away in long steps spreading warm professional smile to everyone.

“He knows you?” you whispered.

“You see, I’m not only popular at school,” he replied with a cocky smirk not really answering your question, but you decided not to care.

When all of you were going to enter room number 501, Jackson’s room, suddenly you felt someone hold your wrist and when you turned your head your eyes met Chanyeol’s big chocolate-brown eyes.

You stared down at the hand holding your wrist, the acrobatic elephant inside your stomach started to play hula-hoop again.

“Can I talk to you for a second?”

You glanced back and answered, “Just a second, okay?”

“Not more not less,” he nodded.



Thanks for everyone who is still hanging on with this fanfiction, you guys seriously deserve an award! 😀

I’m working on some details to make this story more readable and hopefully likeable. Can I hear your opinions, please?

Have a delightful day and stay tune for the next chapt!

Here's a cute selca of my biases, yay!

Here’s a cute selca of my biases, yay!


6 thoughts on “Extrovert [8/?]

  1. Akhirnya kamu updateeee ;’)
    Moment sama chanyeolnyaa aaaaaakkkk berasa romannyaaa thor~
    Aku tipikal orang yang jarang baca ff chanyeol karna dia ultimate bias aku, jadi gakmau bayangin dia sama ciwei2 lain tapi karna disini ocnya aku /lah?/ jadi seneng bacanya hihihi
    Di chapter ini gak ada do ya? Padahal aku pikir bakal banyak momen do disini tapi aku tetep seneng^^

    Di tunggu next chapternya~

  2. Waaaa ceritanya makin seru, makin greget aku sama karakter ceweknya~.~ d.o mana d.o??? Taehyung gokil XD jackson jugaaaaaa ganyangka sumpah ya kelakuannya, ditaro dimana otakmu bang jack haha. Ditunggu next chapternya kak:)

  3. Huaa hello authornim!
    I just found this good-damn-ff of yours and reading it from the very first chapter until this one. And i’m so sorry I didn’t leave the comment in every chapter. But yes I leave the comment for one of a kind. Hehee =))
    This ff is really makes me feel what ‘you’ feels. And I can feel that d.o is not just trying to have socialize with human for sure
    And the best friend of baek that taehyung talkin about I assumed it as chanyeol. Am I right??
    So don’t forget to update the next and the next and the next not in long time. Fighting!
    Sorry for the long comment =)) =((

    • there’s nothing to be sorry about, I love reading long comments 😀
      And also thank you for your support!

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