Extrovert [9/?]

Extrovert Poster 5

Part Title : Hit The Moment Off Base


Chanyeol dragged you to the waiting room at the end of the hallway, gestured you to sit on a chair in front of him.

“I only have a second so I’ll make it fast,” he started running his finger trough his wavy dark auburn hair.

You nodded and he inhaled deeply before starting his speech in just one breath,

“I’m asking you because you’re the only girl in this group, so if you’re in a date what gift would you like to get from your date partner? Because I saw a cute teddy bear at the hospital’s gift shop, would you prefer a teddy bear or something else?” he was talking so fast you almost can’t catch every word.

You shouldn’t be surprise but as a matter of fact, you still felt a little disappointed that he’s talking about someone else, not that you cared, but still, he hugged you and now he’s talking about other girl?

“A gift from you?” you asked and he nodded quickly. “Your ears.”

Without really thinking thoroughly you leaned forward and reached his right ear and pinched his earlobe.

He laughed and shooed your fingers from his ears, “What have gotten into you?” He laughed a little more before continued, “I can’t just cut my ears and give it to a girl, it’s psychopath.”

“Buy something less psycho then,” you tapped your index finger to your chin. “How about the teddy bear’s ears?”

“Not helping!” He laughed as he stood up form and swipe his hand over your hair messing your bangs, “I guess I have to figure it out by myself then.” He pulled you up from your comfortable seat and walked along-side to you.

And then both of you walked in silence back to room 501, just before you entered the room he broke the silence,

“Sorry for accidentally hugging you previously, don’t get awkward around me.”

“You want me to keep teasing you?” you arched your brows.

“No, let’s just tease each other.” He laughed patting the top of your head before entering the room.

Messing with your head has been a little habitual to Park Chanyeol these days.



Another thump of the long wooden ruler on the big grand table, Mr. Zhang looked at every one of you with his famous intimidating stare.

“I demand a reason,” he leaned back on his foamy chair with an arrogant manner, “And I want it now.” he raises his voice on the last syllable, hitting the table once again with his wooden ruler.

“Mr. Zhang,” Luhan met his eyes with the angry teacher’s and started saying something in Mandarin, his trick is obvious enough. Making the teacher feel at home and hopefully he will go easy on the punishment.

“It’s a good act indeed to visit a friend who is sick, but skipping classes is not a noble act,” he sighed, “Social service would do you some good. Two weeks, clean the hallways, yard, classes, lab and library, split it for the six of you. And I want it spotless.”

Well, Luhan’s trick failed hopelessly.

“What are you waiting! Move!” He hit the table once more, louder this time and all of you shuffled hurriedly out of the teacher’s office.


You end up cleaning your class with a broom on one hand and a bucketful of ragged cloth on the other. You are fully aware about the unhygienic students in your classes but you have never really realised that your class is this messy before.

You can’t imagine dealing with dust and trashes everyday in two straight weeks. At this point, even Mandarin class sounds like heaven.

Walking straight to the dirty windowsills first, you sprayed a huge amount of cleaning spray and wipe it vigorously like everything that went wrong in your life is the window’s fault.

When you’re done cleaning the first window suddenly a familiar face appeared from the other side of the glass smiling happily to you.

“Make it sparkles!” Kyungsoo yelled cheerfully, his voice is slightly muffled by the glass separating the two of you.

“Sparkle your ass!” you yelled back with laughter as you squirted some cleaning liquid on the glass right in front of Kyungsoo’s nose making the guy jumped back a little in surprise.

After recovered from the mini heart-attack he laughed a little and moved his head to another spot and you sprayed his face again. He kept on popping his head from one to another spot as you sprayed again and again as if playing ‘Hit-The-Mole’.

Well in this case, it’s called ‘Spray-The-Nerd’.

But then, your eyes met his for a split second and you can’t help yourself other than got fascinated at the way his face flinched every time the spraying liquid landed on the glass right in front of his face or at the way his eyes literally sparkle when he laughs.

Just when your gaze falls to his pink lips that has formed into a undeniably gorgeous heart-shaped smile, a long arm slid around Kyungsoo’s neck.

“Hey, my friend!” the newcomer greeted cheerfully dragging Kyungsoo along with him. Your eyes caught a glimpse of Chanyeol’s smile before he dragged Kyungsoo away with his arms around around the shorter boy’s neck.

“Oh well,” you sighed when the two of them were out of sight  and got back to the work on hand.


 The next day, The Your Highness Class President Kim Joonmyeon or mostly known as Suho which is short for ‘Guardian Angel’ (NB: totally exaggerating) approaches you first thing in the morning, giving you a thin green pamphlet about the upcoming school play.

All day, you can’t concentrate on the lessons. You stared at the black-board blankly, the teacher’s words came in from one ear and out from the other, your mind is too preoccupied by the green pamphlet in your pocket.

After school you end up cleaning the Lab because Chanyeol insisted that he will clean the class today.

There’s nothing much to clean at the Lab, because this place is almost spotless as it is. You took a seat in front of a microscope, swiping the same spot on the table repeatedly. There’s a lot of things going on in your mind, about the school-play, about next week’s exam and lastly about Chanyeol.

You have no idea why are you thinking about him, it’s just you can’t quite remove his idiotic smile and creepy stare out of your mind. Your mind went back to the moments he patted your head and also the moment when he accidentally hugged you. You could feel your cheeks warmed with the thought of the hug, but then you felt an uneasy twinge in your chest when your mind took you back at the moment where he was talking about his date with his so-called dazzling girl.

His habit messing with your hair has turned worse, he’s not just messing with your head but also with your brain.

“What are you doing here?”

Dé javu, you thought.

Do Kyungsoo slid a chair and took a seat beside you. His hair is ruffled and you wonder why don’t he always ruffle his hair like that because he looked seriously better with it.

“Here to have a good chat with your bacteria friends?” you quipped sending him a mocking laugh, and he just balled his fist in playful anger. “Sorry, I ruined your playdate.”

You stood up and about to walk away, planning to grab the mop and start the work when suddenly a hand hold your elbow to stop you from leaving.

“It’s better if I socialise with human isn’t it?”

You laughed breathily before surrendered and sat back beside him, but even when your ass has landed back on the chair, Kyungsoo didn’t move his hands from your elbow.

“I have tried to socialise with human,” he paused as if reluctant to say whatever he’s going to say next. “Would you… want to try to socialise with bacterias?”

“Unless there’s cute bacterias with six-packs, I’m not interested.”

“They can’t make six-packs, they do fragmentation or splitting their own body because they are an asexual creatures,” Kyungsoo argued seriously, didn’t get the sarcasm.

You raised your hand, not wanting to hear a long lecture about bacterias. “Speaking of six-packs,” you swallowed a big lump of laughter before hitting his stomach playfully with your fist make him groaned faintly, “You also can’t have one.”

“Hey I can!” He protested but then laughed, probably realising how hilarious he would look with six-packs and black boxers.

You joined him, laughing together and for a short moment you forgot about all the things that bugged you all day. All you could feel is how good it felt to laugh like nothing’s wrong in life. Do Kyungsoo is a simple person, he has his own simple way to be happy, even when he didn’t talk much or joke much,  but his presence still affected his surroundings. It felt comfortable in the most freakish way to be with Kyungsoo late after school like this.

“Anyway, how could I introduce myself to your microscopic friends?” you asked after you laugh ebbed into a small chuckle.

Kyungsoo propped the microscope in front of him, turning on the light and focused the lenses. “You don’t need to introduce yourself, they already know you,” a  fade smile shadowed his lips.

“And now you’re telling me that I am also popular in these Bacteria’s social circle?” you moved your head forward, trying to peek from the microscope’s lens. Unconsciously, you moved your head too close to Kyungsoo’s that you temples were touching.

You could feel Kyungsoo’s eyes twitched a little in surprise when your hair brushed his cheeks and your temple are in full skin contact.

“Kyungsoo, move aside. I want to see too,” you patted his narrow shoulders to make him back off. He pressed his temple a little bit more against yours before moving back reluctantly.

Now that you have full control of this crazy contraption (a.k.a microscope) you fitted your eyes right on the lens and saw some weird shaped little creatures. Bacterias.

You’re eyes is observing them closely when suddenly Kyungsoo said something to his bacteria friends that you could never forget no matter how much you try,

“Guys, this is the girl I like to talk about. She’s nice right?”

And if bacterias could nod, you swear you saw the smallest hint of movement from them. His words send you to a state of loss words, there’s this warm sensation creeping down your spine.

Well, who knows? Maybe Luhan’s planner is not that good after all.



I am basically speechless. I have worked extra hard for this chapter (NB : I even went through a dead end thinking about the plot for Kyungsoo’s moment). So I really hope I pulled it off.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the supports and comments, I seriously appreciate it 🙂

Really hope you guys enjoyed it, and please leave a piece of your mind down below, okay?

6 thoughts on “Extrovert [9/?]

  1. Aku baru baca dan ini kaya healing setelah tau detour final (oops sori bawa2 ff lain)
    Aaaaaaaaaakkkkkk chanyeoooool >,w<
    Aaaaaaaaakkk thor enak banget sih jadi oc dideketin yg seger2~~
    Lanjut thooooooor,, ceritanya makin fluffyyyyyyyyyyyy tapi aku suka bangettsss:3

    • Aaaaaaak masih kepotong juga 😦
      Yaudah 😦
      Intinya ffnya bagus dan aku tunggu kelanjutannya 🙂 fighting^^

      Ps: komen2 sebelumnya yg kepotong2 itu akan aku apus thor. Maapin heuuu heuuu :(((

      • Haha gapapaaa thanks banget udah dgn setia komen di fanfic ini hehe… gapapa bawa detour, aku juga ngefans sm detour kokk haha 😉

  2. Kenapa kepotong? 😦 Heuuuuu untung udah aku copy, versi aslinya kek gini

    Aku baru baca dan ini kaya healing setelah tau detour final (oops sori bawa2 ff lain)
    Aaaaaaaaaakkkkkk chanyeoooool >,w<
    Aaaaaaaaakkk thor enak banget sih jadi oc dideketin yg seger2~~
    Lanjut thooooooor,, ceritanya makin fluffyyyyyyyyyyyy tapi aku suka bangettsss:3

    Omji komen aja mesti kek gini. Maapin thor 😦

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