Extrovert [10/?]

Extrovert Poster 6

Special Appearance : Eric Nam

Special Appearance : Eric Nam

Part Title : Way Simpler


You tighten the straps on your jacket , the wind is getting stronger and you know by heart that it was just time before winter came by to pay a visit. You’re definitely not a summer person nor a winter person, if you have to describe yourself in one season, it would be autumn.

Winter is snuggle all day in your blanket, watching cheesy dramas back to back while munching down chips. And nothing interesting would ever happen in winter days, well of course, expect for Christmast.

“Is it that cold?” Chanyeol poked you upper arms with his index finger, sending you the brightest grin that could possibly melt kilograms of ice in instance.

You shrugged as you pulled the hood down covering your forehead, “You think?” you murmured sharply.

After you bid goodbye to Kyungsoo and his microscopic friends you met Chanyeol at the school gate and he insisted that he would accompany you home because of the ‘increasing number of street crimes’. You’ve never cared about the bad guys hovering all over the city actually, you could always hit their balls hard until they cry for their mommies. But Chanyeol definitely doesn’t settle with that theory, so you let him tag along on the way home.

“Here, give me your hands,” he commanded and you pull of your hands from the pockets of your jacket. He held both of your hands with his big and surprisingly warm hands, he carry your hands up just a few inches from his mouth and started to blow warm wind that instantly warmed your freezing fingers.

“Stop it, your breath stinks,” you laughed but didn’t pull your hands anyway, because you can’t resist the warmth he’s offering.

He laughed too and a mischievous grin crossed his face for a split second, “I think your nose is freezing too, I guess?” he put on a playful smirk before he leaned forward, closing the gap between the two of you. Your eyes is opened wide as his face got closer and closer to you, at first you thought he was going to steal a kiss, you were ready to pull your hands from his grasp to slap him in the face when suddenly his face stops, freezes just two centimetres away from you.

And the next thing you know is you feel a minty damp wind got blowed right in front of your nose, sending warm chills down your spine and waking up the acrobatic elephant in your stomach. You felt this familiar twisting sensation down your stomach and your heart raced faster a cut above normal.

Two short blow and Chanyeol stepped back, laughing his ass off. You stared, stoned, ice-still. But as his laughter absorbed your brain you started to crack a smile that turns into a laughter a moment afterwards, even though you were sure that a shade of pink was starting to seep up on your pale cheeks.

“Oh my god up in the heavens, you have to see your expression! It was priceless, your eyes widen like this,” he bulged his golfball-sized eyes out of his sockets. “And your mouth agape like, oh my god, that was hilarious!” He laughed a little more, clutching his stomach tightly.

“What’s funny is that your breath smells like rotten cheese,” you spatted  still laughing softly, trying to hid you blush.

“Hurtful,” he pouted jokingly.

When the bus arrived, the sky is getting a little darker by the minutes that passed. You and Chanyeol have to stand up because all the seats were taken, the tall guy leaned his back to a divider while you were standing so close to him crushed in between his tall body and a fat man standing behind you.

The bus goes on steady speed, jolted a little every time the road got a little humpy-bumpy. The warmth in the crowded bus and Chanyeol’s even breath showering the top of your head slowly dazed you, your eyes fluttered, trying not to fall asleep. But at the end, you decided to gave up.

“Chanyeol?” you called softly.


“Can I borrow your shoulder?” you looked up pleading.

“First my ears, and now my shoulders, what next? I’m starting to feel that I’m losing the authority of my own body,” he reacted but willingly giving up his shoulders for you anyway.

“Thanks, you’re the best,” you murmured against the fabric on his shoulders, propped your head comfortably and just about seconds away before finally drifting off.

“I know I am,” he shrugged relaxing his shoulder underneath your head.

You stayed there, fast asleep out of exhaustion on his shoulders until the bus arrived at your neighbourhood.


You were sitting at the bleachers watching closely as Baekhyun applied some eyeliner, while Luhan is in his own world playing ‘Dumb-Ways-To-Die’ with such intensity.

“Have you heard the newest rumour?” Baekhyun pick up a conversation while his hands are still applying some black ink along his eye line carefully.


“Kim Taehyung that eyeliner prick, stole Mrs. Ahn’s eyeliner yesterday, so today he’s joining us with social works after-school,” he gossiped like a girl and the fact that right now he’s doing his eye make-up doesn’t help him to make a manlier image.

“From all eyeliner in the world, why Mrs. Ahn’s?” you have no idea why that kid would ever think about stealing teacher’s make-up.

“Her eyeliner is waterproof!” Baekhyun stopped what’s he was doing for a second just to give you a judging look, he said the word ‘waterproof’ as if it was a goddess or something.

You just shook your head in disbelief, seriously they need to man up. You gazed back at Baekhyun who is now painting the pointy end professionally.

“You don’t need that much actually,” you commented.

“The more the better,” Baekhyun replied simply as he adds some finishing touches on his eyelids with a light shade of purple eye-shadow.

“That’s so gay,” you mocked him. “Oh wait, you are gay!” You finishes with a soft laugh that irritates Baekhyun so much that he might throw his heavy make-up bag at your face if he hadn’t realise how expensive it is.

“I’m going to let you go now, but this is the last time,” he grunted, flipping his hand-mirror and placed it back into his bag.

“You’ve said that at least twenty occasions before,” Luhan butted in while his eyes still fixed at his phone-screen.

“Sorry, but your opinion is not needed.” Baekhyun replied sarcastically at the Chinese guy as he stood up, draped his bag on one of his shoulders. “I’m going,” he nodded at you and you just shrugged in answer.

You shifted your attention to the Chinese guy who is sitting one row in front of you, you poked his neck playfully, but your little joke makes Luhan lost control to his game and,

Game Over.

“Frick! What was that?!” he jerked your head facing you, his eyes in fury.

You smiled like you’ve never done anything wrong, “Were you trying to say fuck or prick?” you asked out of topic with a playful smirk playing on your face.

“Both,” he spatted.

“Hey, I have to tell you something,” you paused because it really did take all the willpower inside you to finally say the next words, “I think the planner works great.” You smiled, you felt relieved for some reason to be able to admit that you have this microscopic feeling for Chanyeol.

“Told you so,” he smirked proudly at himself.

According to Luhan’s planner by the end of this week, you and Chanyeol supposed to shake hands once and talked often during recess or between classes. Thing is, you’ve never shook hands with him (but he did held your hands yesterday, but it wasn’t a handshake for sure), and also the two of you didn’t talk much during school hours. But then, you and Chanyeol have hugged already (even though it was an incident, but still, it was a hug nevertheless) and he even took you home once.

It doesn’t really go the way Luhan had actually planned, but still, something is definitely developing between you and Chanyeol. Or maybe it’s just you. There’s one thing you’re certain of, there’s this weird feelings that starting to grow slowly from the very bottom of your heart, you can feel it in your gut.

“What’s next?” he raised one eye-brow cockily.

“What?” you exclaimed, “What do you mean by ‘next’? Nothing’s going to happen next, definitely nothing. We’re going to be friends forever and would never ever in a million years jump into a relationship.”

He sighed and put down his eye-brows, “Hey, chill. What’s next? What class is next? Gosh, you overreact over everything,” he stood up lazily and offer you a hand to help you get up.

“Oh,” you looked down in embarrassment and tucked your hair to the back of your ears, “Arts.”

“Don’t wanna miss it then,” he cheered, pulled you up and then bolted away.


You dumped your ass to your seat next to Jongdae, he is singing a ballad song beautifully.

The door swung open in one swift kick from the outside, from the widely opened door a slim figure in pink knee-length short pants and flowery Hawaiian shirt came in with Michael Jackson’s famous dance steps. He reached the teacher’s desk and took a seat on the table, and then he started to sing Crayon Pop – BarBarBar.

The art teacher, Eric Nam.

Jongdae stood up and clapped in enthusiasm, Mr. Nam is his favourite teacher because this is the only teacher who doesn’t mind when he sings loudly during class.

He laughed a little before crossed his legs, “Okay class, without further ado, grab your brushes and pick up your canvas, it’s stacked right there. Go paint something related to Neverland, your painting will be displayed on the upcoming school play,” he instructed with a happy friendly face.

You stared blankly at your (also) blank canvas, no idea crossed your brain until half-time of the class. It’s just thirty minutes away before the class ended and you haven’t drawn anything yet, not even a single line.

“Wow, what are you drawing there kid? Is it Peterpan’s teeth? You’re creative, keep on going okay?” Mr. Nam patted your head encouragingly, you don’t know why he has to pretend to be interested when everyone know that it’s just a blank canvas.

“That’s fabulous Jongdae! It looks like Tinker Bell’s butt, isn’t it?” he patted Jongdae on the shoulder and then keep on going around the class giving stupid compliment at every student.

“Kyungsoo, you’re talented! Is it Captain Hook’s ship?” you heard Mr. Nam complimented Kyungsoo who is sitting two rows in front of you. What took your attention is that Kyungsoo’s painting is actually the ship.

“Why yes, Sir.” Kyungsoo nodded politely.

“Why the ship?”

“Because this ship could bring me anywhere,” he smiled and then turned his head to meet your stare, you startled a little when suddenly your eyes met his. “Including to someone’s heart, I guess. That’s the philosophy I made out about this ship,” he finished with a clean smile and turned his head back to his beautiful painting.

You creased your eyebrows as you studied the back of his head, “Was he talking to me?” you murmured more to yourself.

“Hey, you could paint a spinach stuck on Peterpan’s teeth you know, just to make it more interesting,” Jongdae poked your cheek with the back of his paintbrush.

“That’s a good idea, and why not some chillies too!” you bit back a laughter and Jongdae nodded in approval.

You splatted some green and red paint on your canvas.

And there you have it, you’re Neverland inspired painting. Peterpan’s teeth with spinach and chillies stuck on it, you smiled and offered Jongdae a high-five, “Thanks for the suggestion,” you cheered in glee.

“Wow it’s really good. The green is me and the red is you, right?”

You craned your neck and found Do Kyungsoo standing on your left with a hearty smile, his eyes sparkled in amusement while his hands dug deep in his pocket.

“I was thinking about something way more simpler than that, but sure, that could work too,” you looked up and returned his smile.

“It would work great, wouldn’t it?”

“I don’t know, I guess?” you looked down at your clasped hands, don’t know how to respond to his ambiguous question.

“Care to give it a try?” he raised his brows questioningly.

“Wait, are you asking me out?”

“I was thinking about something way more simpler than that, but sure, that could work too,” he chuckled lightly as he returns your words exactly.

You chuckled back, “Oh that’s how you play it, fine I’m in.”

“I’ll pick you up Sunday morning?”

“Sounds like a plan,” you grinned and he left with a soft smile upon his face.

On your left Kim Jongdae tried hard to suppress a laugh but failed hopelessly.




My personal favourite chapter so far, not sure why but I just enjoyed writing it a lot. Hopefully you guys had a blast of heart-fluttering moment while reading it. Well that sounded awfully cheesy but yeah, whatever, you got my point right?

Suddenly, my whole world has gone fluffier.

Thank you for granting my wish by posting some comments and make my day a whole lot brighter (the word bright is very Chanyeol, isn’t it?) and sparkly (I don’t know why but in this fic sparkle is identical to Kyungsoo).

Stay tune for the next chapter! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Extrovert [10/?]

  1. Ahhh thank for the update =) but why so short??
    I was thinking about something way more simpler than that, but sure, that could work too
    Ahahaa it is great authornim.. somehow I smiled from the first time I read this chapter and yes you’re right, this ff is got fluffier
    But that’s good =)
    Keep posting the next chapter and fighting!!

  2. yassss aku suka gimana kamu bikin kyungsoo mulai confident sama perasaannya ketika cowok ini bisa a bit flirty in his way which i found cute

    Aaaaa nungguin chapteer extrovert kayak nungguin exo next door hahah. Enggak di next door enggak di fanfic seperti biasa aku masuk team kyungsoo!

  3. ngebayangin ini jadi komik aaaaaaaaaaakkk >.< chanyeolnya tipe aku banget (chanyeol kek gimana juga tipe aku banget)
    dan aku suka cara kyungsoo ngajak date hahay ini di luar ekspetasi aku tentang do kyungsoo. uuuh dia bisa gitu juga ya? gemesin..
    ditunggu next chapternya^^

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