Extrovert [12/?]

Extrovert Poster 7

Part Title : The Fall Metaphorically


Every little freaking thing in this whole godforsaken building was so damned white and clean and clinical that you’re on the point of turning this whole place up side down. The damned tile is so damned spotless that they reflected your damned reflection staring back at you with those damned restless eyes. You’re a hot mess.

In a fat amount of hours, you can’t bring yourself some good sleep. Even counting sheep happens to be worthless at this state. You propped your head on the edge of Luhan’s hospital bed, eyes closed but mind spinning like a mad ferris-wheel. Your head keeps on replaying Luhan’s aunt’s words,

“I can’tΒ believe that he never told his friends about this. His mother was diagnosed brain-cancer a year ago and I keep on going back and forth China-Korea-China-Korea-China-Korea, I can’t even count how many plane I have been in. His dad is a man with no worth, drown to the world of drugs the moment he saw signs of crisis and bankrupts. I forbid my little deer Luhan to go to China due his academic life here, but he’s too something between stubborn and stupid to just sit back watching while his family crumbles down like pastry back at his hometown. Lately I know that he has been borrowing a fair amount of money from loan-sharks and got himself into the hands of debt. He can’t take anymore.”

You punch the mattress, letting out a stressed groan. You still can’t understand why would Luhan jumped out of his balcony. He could flirt with any girl he likes but instead he flirted with death.

You have always known him as a reckless person, but never a coward.

Someone tapped your shoulder ever so lightly and you could feel movement beside you. The newcomer dragged a chair beside you and took a seat so close to you that you could smell a hint of the citrusy cologne he’s wearing.

“Give it a rest, wouldn’t you?” said a baritone voice next to you, you could definitely recognise that voice anytime, anywhere. It’s the only voice so far that could gave you fade goosebumps.

You slowly pull your head up and stared right into his melted-chocolate coloured orbs. “If I could, don’t you think I would?” you sighed, preparing yourself for a blow-up. “All this was practically my fault Chanyeol! Don’t you understand? He spent nights and nights making that planner because he can’t plan out his own life, I ruined the only plan he’d ever made. I toss the last reason for him to stay alive.”

He squeezed your shoulders gently, leaning down a little so he wouldn’t have to speak out loud for me to listen. “It’s not your fault, and trust me when I say everything’s gonna be fine. He’ll wake up at any second with that good old grin plastered on his face, he would wake up and yell ‘APRIL MOP’ along with his usual crisp laugh, he would wake up and tell us that he went to a magical forest and make friends with a pack of rainbow coloured monkeys. But when that time eventually come, we won’t mind to listen to his never-ending stories for two days straight until our asses turn sore after all the sitting because we knew how hell it was to spend a day without his annoying voice. Who knows? Maybe this is just one of his silly pranks.”

By the time he stops talking softly, your head was already resting on his shoulders with his arms wrapped around you. You smiled secretly because you know, there’s a chance that one of those possibilities might happen. And when that time come, all of you will have a good laugh about all these dramas.

Your crowded mind and lack of sleep caused you to snuggle more to him. Fitting your head on the crook of his neck as he tightens his warm embrace around you. Everything’s spinning, everything’s moving, everything’s confusing and you could only hold on to on the only thing that stays still and real. Park Chanyeol.

And if at the end of this day you end up falling even deeper and deeper to this creature beside you, you can’t care less. Falling to Park Chanyeol can’t possibly Β send you to a hospital in a coma right? It’s not like falling from a balcony. It’s two different falling but with one destination, landing. The landing could be harsh or smooth, painful or painless but every falling leads to a landing.

Luhan had taught you how to fall properly to the right person.

Chanyeol rocked back and forth in a comforting way, making your eyelids grew heavier and heavier with each passing second spent in Chanyeol’s soothing embrace. Warm flares roaming every inch of your skin as he rested his head on top of yours.

Who knows?

Maybe you don’t need to count sheep to fall asleep.

You only need to count on Park Chanyeol.


Two days had passed and your mind starts to get used to the empty chair next to Sehun at the cafeteria, nobody’s planning to fill it nor remove it. Your mind also started to cope with the absence of a cheeky Chinese guy that used to haunt this school. Your life has gotten back to normal, just without Luhan’s presence.

It was a bright Sunday morning and you were getting ready for your playdate with Do Kyungsoo. You’re looking forward for this day, because Kyungsoo might look dead boring in and out but actually he is quite a fascinating person. A nice morning with a cute freak could definitely give your mind a rest.

You opened the door at the first bell just to find Do Kyungsoo standing on your doorstep in a nicely fitted jeans and a white turtle-neck sweater under his dark green jacket, his hair was styled into a masculine up-do style that showed his white forehead.

A little ‘wow’ slipped your mouth and he smiled, his eyes twinkling under the morning sun rays.

“Mister, I can almost see my own reflection on your forehead,” you joked.

He laughed heartily as you reached to your purse, pulling out a few sheets of money with a grin painted on your face.

“We’re splitting the bills, deal?”

“No, of course no.”

“I’m trying to save your allowance here Do Kyungsoo, you should be thankful.”

“I am thankful,” he leaned forward and placed a really quick peck on your cheeks, his lips is soft against the skin on your cheek. The contact only lasted for a split second, he broke off with a smile. “As a thanks,” he uttered.

You blinked. Once. Twice.

“Do Kyungsoo you had just left at least Β a hundred of god-knows-what bacterias on my cheek!” you slapped his upper-arm playfully.

“It was only the nice ones,” he argued with a grin.

You laughed and wiped your cheek. Truth is, the only reason you requested to split the bills is that it won’t feel like a true date if the girl still has to pay the bills. It lessen the guilt you felt toward Luhan, for betraying his planner.

“Here, you can have it.”

Kyungsoo handed you a white handkerchief in front of your nose, you snatched it quickly and wipe it to your cheek while laughing, realised how different Do Kyungsoo could be outside school hours.

“For your information, I have kissed that handkerchief too,” he smirked.

You throw it to his face,Β “I need to go buy some antiseptic first.”

Both of you laughed a little more before finally walked down the street side by side, shoulder to shoulder but not arm in arm.



Please don’t hate me for this crappy chapter…

I’m truly grateful that this fic still has readers. It’s like, a miracle.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you (repeat a thousand times).


luhan kyungsoo


6 thoughts on “Extrovert [12/?]

  1. First comment kaka!!! Hahaha
    Oke jadi luhan bikin planner dating sama chanyeol itu untuk bikin dirinya berpikir “wow ternyata planku bisa juga sukses?” bener gitu nayy? All the angst give me headache dan scene terakhir sukses bikin dunia kembali indah 😻😻😻

    • iyaa dia pengen bisa ngatur sesuatu since his life is a mess, dan dia gabisa atur hidupnya sendiri…. sorry for the headache kakk, akan kembali ke fluff setelah ini, kayaknya akan berlatih menulis angst dgn lebih baik hehe πŸ˜€

  2. Hyaa annyeong nami-ssi πŸ™‚
    Nah loh akhirnya aku mengerti
    Thanks for the so much clear explanation^^
    So, luhan make a planner cos he couldnt even make plans for his own life.. it’s so cruel to know his own life that’s really a mess. I feel sorry for him =((
    And, I like kyungsoo in ur story. He’s so blunt and showing his feeling without hesitation hahaha XD
    Yeayy thank you so much for the updates =) I’m looking forward to it that everyday I open this page hehehe
    Wait for the next! Fighting!!

    • Just like you, I check my notifications like multiple times a day waiting for some feedbacks from readers heehee πŸ˜€
      I’m truly glad that you like this fic, and thank you very berry much for the support! πŸ™‚

  3. gak bisa berkata-kata langsung peluk luhan aja deh heuuuuuu sayangku~ :”

    seperti biasa part aku dan chanyeol selalu jadi favorit aku lol.. chanyeol kok nenangin banget gitu kan jadi tambah sayang :* :*

    itu serius kyungsoo? kyungsoo yang itu? heuuuu kok dia………. manis kkkkkk~~

    jangan buru2 di tamatin ya thor :”) aky sedang menikmato proses cerita ini hehehe

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