Everlasting Crush


Just Plan A, there's no Plan B

Just Plan A, there’s no Plan B

4.199 words

A total five years love story in one-shot.


“You again.

“Yes. Me again,” I leaned to the wooden counter, my eyes darted to the menu displayed on the wall. I was pretending to survey the menu, because I actually had already made up my mind about what drink I would order way before I stepped a feet inside this store. “And I’m going to have a Raspberry Juice again.”

The guy standing behind the counter rolled his eyes and jammed some buttons on the cashier register. He swiftly turned on his heels, fetch a plastic cup and write a name on the cup with a black marker without asking me who’s my name because, 1. He already knew my name and 2. He would never write my name anyway.

I pulled out some cash, I have already known by heart how much a Raspberry Juice costs because for the last week I have been visiting this specific Starbucks store like, every day. I’m telling you, I wasn’t exaggerating. I figure out that the only way I could hang around at Starbucks everyday is to buy at least, something. And also I have made some rough calculations that the only way I’m going to drink something from Starbucks everyday without gaining some (superly unwanted) extra weight is to just drink Raspberry Juice everyday.

My only other option is Mango Passionfruit Juice but no, I like raspberry batter.

He blitzed the blender a little while before pouring the reddish-pinkish liquid into the cup. He checked if there’s any other customer and find out that there’s only me before finally calling, quote, “my name”, end quote.

“Nosy Asshole.” He called with a mischievous grin painted on his handsome face, slightly ease up his firm face features. Oh yes, anyway my real name’s Jin Jieun but Nosy Asshole is also quite fine.

I picked up my drink and uttered, “Why thanks Oh Shit-face.”

He snorted and just about to respond to my oh-so-insulting words when suddenly the front door clinked open and a man probably in his forties entered with a tired expression.

The silver-bronze hair coloured guy sighed and gave you an annoyed look before averting his attention to the new customer. I stuck out a tongue, teasing him, before finally made my way to the seat closest to the counter where I can enjoy a clear view of the hot barista. I crack a little smile when I read the ‘nosy-asshole’ word written on my cup with black bold ink.

Yes. You might have wondered. Yes, the only reason I went to this particular Starbucks everyday is to observe Oh Sehun, the smokin’ hot barista. His shift is after his last class which is 5 p.m until late night, but I only hang there from 5.30 until 6 p.m because I still have a live (in another word, thesis) going on other than stalking this guy.

Don’t get it wrong. I did not just stalk a random hot guy, this Oh Sehun guy over here happens to be my friend back at high-school. And when I say ‘friend’ what I meant was the type of friend who didn’t even say hello at the hallway and have never been in the same class for three straight years. Yes that kind of friend. I know him, he knows me. I have a huge crush on me since first year, he doesn’t. Vice versa, sadly.

Actually, back at high-school he didn’t even know I existed (another sad truth) because I used to be this kind of geeky girl that only hangs out with the same trio everyday, so it wasn’t peculiar that one of the most popular boy in school never notice me. But it was all past tense, I cut my skirts a few inch shorter, buy some contact-lenses in various colours to replace my thick round-framed glasses and also  permanently abandon my bushy hair-tie the moment I got into college. We’re talking a about an extreme makeover here.

I found out that my biggest crush is working part-time at one of the most coffee shop just a stone’s throw away from my university and I decided to make my second approach right away. My first approach actually never happened since I’ve never managed to gather enough courage to walk up to him back at high-school. Damn, the more I think about it the more pathetic I sounded back then.

After finishing half of my juice I felt bored so I decided to make a little chaos to gain Sehun’s attention. I eyed the other customer that has already taken a seat at the far corner of the store sipping his latté 2 mLs/sip as staring at the distance in a dramatic way. I cleared my throat before purposely spilling my drink all over the floor.

Sehun let out an exasperated sigh from behind the counter and harshly grab a mop. “Sorry for being so sloppy. Well, it’s actually not my fault because I was practically born with clumsiness in my genes. Blame my parents.” I blabbered a series of stupid lies uncontrollably.

“God, how could someone be so manipulative and still acts so innocent,” he murmured as as he rolled his eyes for the hundredth time in an hour period.

I’ve done this spilling-drink-purposely three times including this one, but I can’t stop the raging attempt to keep on doing it again and again because man, Sehun’s slim figure looks dead appealing when he bents down. And don’t make me start with his long and slightly muscular arms, his muscles flexes gently every time he move the mop back and forth.

“Thanks.” I stood up and bowed a little sincerely. He spanked my head not-so-lightly and you grinned while he remained expressionless.

He was about to walk back to his post behind the counter when I decided to touch his shoulder hesitantly, he turned to face me right away with a bored look printed all over his face. I am a girl with a soft and caring heart (I didn’t actually look like one but believe me, I am one) so I automatically felt a little twinge of guilt for sucking most of his energy at his work hours.

I sent him a regretful smile and waved him goodbye after slipping the empty cup into my purse. I was just a few feet away from him when I hear his voice murmured, “I have this bad feeling that you’ll show up again tomorrow.”

A wide smile surfaces and I can’t do anything to suppress it. It was an improvement, nevertheless. Yesterday ago he murmured a, “Fuck off” as a goodbye.

Plan A is definitely taking me somewhere.




There is total seven plastic cups lined neatly on the top shelf of my drawer. Each and every each and one of them is labeled with a gigantic “Nosy Asshole” written on is except for the two first cups when Sehun still look at you as an actual customer other than an huge bother for him.

Just looking at them made me smile like an idiot, thinking that there’s a possible 0,25% of possibility that I might date my biggest crush. So, the plan is mess around with him for a week and then disappear for another week, I want to see wether he misses me or no. That’s plan A, and I think plan A is good enough so I don’t need any plan B.

But he even predicted that I will go back to visit him tomorrow. I mean I would love to go back there, but I need to stick to my own plans if I want to make him like me. Maybe the word ‘like’ is a little bit unlikely to happen, but there’s a big chance that he’ll miss me. I’m certain enough about that.

The next day I woke up with a document about an inch thick wedged in my arms as I raced to the bust stop and cramped myself into the overly crowded bus. I can’t say that I’m excited about today, and the week ahead. Last week, I always checked my wristwatch every now and then can’t wait for my never-ending classes to finally end. Today, I checked the time numerous time and get myself amazed at how slow the needles are going. It’s like suddenly they decided to keep up their pace with Granpa Snail.

“Go meet him, you’re torturing yourself.” Minseok, one of your best-friend, put down his tray filled with a Himalayan of food in various types from sweet dessert to savoury main-courses.

“I am not. I am sticking to my plan. Besides I can’t be that desperate that I can’t even hold myself to not see his face for only a week,” I argued slipping a big chunk of sweet-potato balls into my mouth.

“Jieun, my dear. You know you are,” he paused to swallow a big lump of food. “You are that desperate to meet him that you can’t even enjoy your lunch.”

It is true. The sweet-potato balls tasted bland.

“Don’t pep-talk me, you yourself have a big zero experience is love and stuff.” I snorted.

“I don’t want love because I don’t want heartbreaks.”

Well he has a point.

And he continued, “I don’t want heartbreaks because every heartbeak lead to losing appetite and no, losing appetite is a big no-no for me. I treasured steam buns and sweet-sour pork way too much that I don’t think I need love.”

“Heavens,” I gasped playfully. “You need help, your words are not normal for a teenager like you.”

“I have this grandpa soul trapped inside a cute looking teenage body.”

“Yeah that makes more sense.”

I decided to set aside my food and left Minseok have his own quality time with his affairs (food). Being a sophomore suck, and I’m currently stuck in second grade with a pack of losers and few cool kids (Minseok’s a loser). I’ll tell you what, being s sophomore suck even more because we have some freshmen to make fun of but don’t have enough authority to pull of a historical prank.

But I don’t like the kind prank Sehun has done to me. The prank is, making me fall in love with him and suddenly take someone else as his girlfriend.

Well it wasn’t practically his fault because all he did to make me fall for him so hard is just stand there at the class entrance with his perfectly fitted uniform that highlighted his slim figure and messy hair that looked so good that I he’s one of the thing in this universe that makes me believe about the existance of God (aside from sun and solar system, etc).



F i r s t   Y e a r

I met him for the very first time on August 23rd when I go to the library to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird for the second time. I highlighted every word, every line and every phrase, literally the whole book was highlighted with my yellow highlighter. I was about to reach the final climax when suddenlu a voice popped from behind me,

“I can barely undestrand a sentence from that book.”

I turned my head and found a handsome guy standing behind me with a book about anatomy wedged in his arm, I’ve never seen him before and that makes me wonder, how the hell could I miss a human-being like this?

“This book is genius,” I look up at him my voice is shaky and barely inaudible so he has to bent forward a little to hear it clearly, I can smell his pleasant scent like a mixture of masculine soap and faint flower scent.

He chuckled. “Well I’m not.”

I eyes the encyclopaediasin his embrace and commented, “You must be a Science prodigy then.”

He right corner of his lips went up a little forming a naughty smirk. “No, I can’t bring my adult magazines to school so I decided to read this instead.” He jerked his chin to the book. “The feel is a little different, but it’s still quite satisfying.”

I gave him a weird look.

“I’m not that perverted. I’m just a normal guy.” He clarified waving his free hands in the air.

A smile slipped from you mouth and laughed a little. He laughed along before bid you goodbye and went back to catch up with his friends.

Later, I did some research and found out that his name is Oh Sehun and he’s pretty popular even though not as popular as Kin Jongin or Wu Yifan, but still, a few girls chase after him sometimes. I’d be lying if you tell you I didn’t hope for him to at least say a simple ‘hi’ at the hallways or at recess after our first encounter at the library. But our social status and different class won’t let neither me or him to talk to each other often, I wasn’t even sure that he knows my name.

The rest of the year went smoothly, me liking him from afar.



S e c o n d  Y e a r

The senior has planned a big historical prank for their last memory in high-school. Right before the big week of exams, they planned to throw the Senior Prank with raspberry juice and low damage firecrackers involved. Even I have to admit that this one is quite genius. They say, the master in crime Cho Kyuhyun from class 3-5 designed it for almost a whole semester, working out the details and stuff.

The prank was a huge success that it should be a nominee for “World’s Greates Pranks of All Time”.

The day before final exam the senior students gave all the teachers a glass of rasberry juice as a thanks for all the teachers who had work hard to teach them. In each cup there’s a big heart symbol with the word,

Thank you for being a wonderful role-model for Us

With all the lovey-dovey words, they showed their most gratitude to the teachers. The teacher felt so touched that they decided to drink their juices in front of all students to show their gratitide to all their wonderful (bullshit) students. At the bottom of the cup there’s little tube filled with citric acid and baking soda, the chemical reaction of this two elements is a BANG!

So when all the teachers have all lined up with a glass of (sabotaged) raspberry juice, some kids were unable hold their laughter, recieving a warning stare from Kyuhyun, the event organizer and the brain behind all this soon-to-be hectic havoc. In unison, the teachers drink the juice.




B A N G !

The “full of love” raspberry juice exploded and white foam was all over the place, spoiling the teacher’s shirts. Kyuhyun jumped high in the air and shouted, he must’ve been overly happy that his master-plan ha worked just the way he planned.

Because it was over-the-top hilarious, some kids can’t hold their laughter any longer. A freshmen who was standing in front of me cracked into a veru brutal series of laughter that he had to turn around and sprinted towards the bathroom, but he unconsciously bumped into me on the way out from the mass. I knocked down in instance and landed ass-first on the dirty pavement.

A hand showed up in front of my very nose and I craned my neck to see my helper. My heart stopped, and for a long second I totally forgot how to breathe. It’s Sehun. It’s Sehun who is now looking down at me, blocking the sun offering me his hand.

I hold his hand reluctantly and he pulled me up. Just half way up he suddenly drop loss my hand I fell back hard to the ground along with a chorus of laughter from my surroundings, I wanted to cry but the warmth of Sehun’s hand still lingered on my hands even though we weren’t holding hands anymore. The butterflies has gone mad inside my chest and the sensation prevent me from crying.

“Hey guys, this is the second prank!” He yelled and some kids pull out their phones to take a picture of me.

That night, my friend send me the photos of the big event and there’s one photo of me laying helpless on the ground looking so damn stupid, but there’s Sehun in the picture. He’s standing there by my side smiling at the camrea, this time his smile reaches his eyes and in all of the sudden, he’s not that expressionless we all know. He’s a lot more alive in the pic than in real life.

This is my very first photo with Oh Sehun, and I barely can close my eyes that night.



T h i r d  Y e a r

At the middle of third year, a heart-shattering rumour has spreaded to the whole school. My one and only crush Oh Sehun was is dating the most popular girl in school, Jung Soojung.

I’m aware that I have no chance with Sehun to start with, but I also stupidly thought that Sehun will never date another girl. I should’ve known that he’s a guy too after all (he did read adult magazines, didn’t he?), and he needed someone he could rely on, a girlfriend. It hurts a lot seeing Sehun and Soojung walking down the hallway arm in arm or eating lunch together. Sehun messed with my heart pretty badly that it affected my grades. I was one of the up-ranked student and teachers have set the bars high for me.

Wonder if I know Minseok a little early, I might wouldn’t have to experienced a heart-break. I will just love Calculus and History the way he lover steamed buns and sweet-sour pork. But I didn’t I can’t love a set of numbers and some historical moments more than I love the way Sehun smile flatly or the way his mouth agaped a little when he’s doing nothing. I can’t it was all printed permanently in my heart.

The third year went on in a grayscale mode for me. Everything was so monotine and uninteresting. I don’t even remember our own Senior Prank. I know precisely that Baekhyun did a marvelous job planning the prank and it did create some chaos, but all I can remember is that Sehun kissed Soojung that day, right in the middle of the cheering crowd after the prank.

The image of their linked lips burned in the back of my head and I have never felt this miserable before. That night, like always, my friend send me pictures of the day, and there’s one picture of Sehun and Soojung’s sweet little passionate moment.

I deleted it. But I can’t delete my feelings for Oh Sehun no matter how much I tried.




A week had passed, I didn’t go to Starbucks for a week and I missed Sehun so much that everything I see turned into Sehun. Tomorrow, I will walk back to that forsaken coffee shop and meet him again to check out wether my plan A worked or no. It’s weird, like could I still like him after two years had passed since out graduation day. The only traces of him I have is the picture of me after the Senior Prank day when we were both a sophomore back at high-school. This feeling had stayed for a totoal 5 years. Five freaking years and I still like him even though I knew how much pain in the ass he is.

Mark my words, He’s a pain in the ass.

“You’re excited.” Minseok announced like I can’t read my own feelings.

“I can’t wait to meet him that my head might explode.” I exclaimed putting on my bestest and brightest smile. For today, I decided to use my favourite pair of jeans and a nice sky-blue t-shirt to compliment it, I want to look good without actually looking like I want to look good. Got it?

Minseok dropped me off a few blocks away from the coffee shop, I don’t want Sehun to see me walking out from another guy’s car and he might has the wrong idea about me and Minseok. Ha also might don’t give a shit about it, but I’m just going to play it safe.

I pushed the door gently and a familiar clinking noise greeted my ears as the relaxing smell of freshly brewed coffe filled my nostrils. I fixed my gaze on the guy who is standing behind the counter, but it wasn’t Sehun who greeted me with a warm smile because, 1. The name-tag on the guy’s uniform says “Park Chanyeol” pretty clearly and 2. Sehun would never greet me with a warm smile anyway.

I made my way down to the counter, “I’m sorry but where’s Oh Sehun?” I asked to the doe-eyes guy in front of me.

“Oh Lord, you’re her?” His eyes widen in surprise.


“Yes. Jin Jieun, right?”

Now it’s my turn to get shocked. He might have gotten the right idea from my expression, he giggled a little before disappearing to the back of the store.

“Sehunnie! Your girl’s here!”

Your girl?

My heart jumpen in anticipation as the only person who has haunted me for the last five torturing years of my life stepped out from the staff room. His eyes met mine and for a split second I could almost see his eyes twinkled.

“Where have you been? Is everything okay?” He asked me with  worried tone that warmed my heart.

“Still breathing and walking like a human. Sounds pretty okay, right?” I let out a forced chuckle.

“I thought you die or something.” He smirked.

“Why thanks for your concern there, Mister.” I quipped sarcastically.

He gestured me to take a seat and I did like he told. He went to back to the counter and blend somthing up, as I watch him work, I realised that he’s making a Raspberry Juice.

A moment later he placed a glassful of Raspberry Juice in front of me, I gave him a questioning look and he nodded, silently intsructed me to drink it while he took a seat in front of me. So I did, I slurp it quickly.

At the very bottom of the glass, there’s a white tube. I cracked into a small laugh, “You’re trying to blow me up to pieces?”

“Kind of. Just open it.” He urged and I can see a fade shade of pink creeping up on his cheeks, and probably on mine too.

I pick it up and wipe it clean with a tissue, when I open it, turns out it is not a homemade bomb like the one Kyuhyun made back at high-school. There’s a rolled paper inside it and I tap it out. On the paper there’s a scratchy handwriting all over it, I read it slowly, savouring every word and every butterfly that flapped their wings inside my chest.

First year : You’re that geeky girl I have no interest in
Second Year : You’re so nice that I want to make fun of you
Third Year : I realised that you like me from the way you
you look at Soojung and me
College : You disappeared and I can’t care even less
First Week : You’re back and man, you’re so annoying.
Second Week : I felt a pang of loss in my chest, I realise that I miss you

Now : I want to say that I also have a crush on you since the 7th time
you ordered Raspberry Juice

I look up at him and he’s staring right into my eyes. At last, after 5 years of waiting and waiting and two weeks of struggling to win his attention, he reverse his heart. He gave me a chance. It’s no longer vice versa, we’re in the same boat now. He glanced at the empty glass of juice and broke the silence,

“I noticed the hurt painted on your face when you saw me kissing Soojung.”

“Do you really need to bring up that topic right now?” I smacked his head lightly.

He stood up abruptly. “Yes. I really need to,” suddenly he dragged me up by my arms and close the gap between us. He placed one hand on the side of my neck and the other one at the small of my back securing me on place. He smirked before closing his eyes and leaned forward. I’m still in a state of shock when his soft lips touched mine ever so lightly. It’s like there’s a huge confetti party inside my stomach. I have dreamt about this moment for years, and look at me now, standing toe-to-toe and lips-to-lips with my everlasting crush. It’s like a realisation of my wildest fairytale.

He placed a gentle longing peck on my lips before he finally moved his lips slowly and sweetly, and the last thing I know is I closed my eyes and let myself lost into his kisses. You kissed him back a little, and you can feel his smile against your lips. After a short minute of heaven, he reluctantly stepped back.

“How was it?”

“It’s like, BANG.




author’s note : This is my very first one-shot, actually. How was it? I really hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, I’m planning on posting the Indonesian Translation of this story here in this blog soon. Fyi, I also posted this fic at aff. Thank you very much for reading my story and have a nice day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Everlasting Crush

  1. Sebenernya saya nggak pandai bahasa Inggris, tapi saya suka bacanya. Hehe.
    Ini ceritanya sweet banget. Saya nggak nyangka loh kalo Sehun ternyata suka juga sama Jieun. Suka banget endingnya.
    Bokeh tahu nggak author-nim, gimana caranya biar bisa lancar bahasa Inggris? Saya bisa lumayan paham sih kalo baca, tapi kalo disuruh nulis kaku banget.

    • Ooh kalo aku biasanya banyak baca buku-buku bahasa inggris sama nonton film biar bisa ngerti penggunaan tiap kata yang tepat untuk tiap situasi. Aku juga suka baca kamus sama belajar tentang idioms2 yang umum dipake di dlm bhs inggris 🙂 itu aja sih paling… hehe

  2. yaallah baru baca~
    romancenya dapet bangeeeeeet >w< tepat di saat sehun sedang ganteng-gantengnya dia jadi maincast huhu sukaaaa~~~
    dan endingnya ada kiss-kissnya itu berasa ada yg menggelitik di perut /apaan/
    btw extrovertnya masih di tunggu loh :3

  3. Kyaaaaaaaaa~ ternyata selama ini Sehun udah naksir sama Jieun dan nggak utarakan perasaannya malah pacaran sama Soojung agi, kasihan kan Jieun~

    btw, keren tapi pakai bahasa Inggris padahal aku nggak terlalu pintar bahasa Inggris~

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